A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Eight

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Eighth Chapter

The Madness of the Villainess


            Jermaine can no longer take it.

            She hated Troy’s cunning mind. She hated Diane’s loveliness. She hated Nathan’s and Kate’s sense of security. She hated everything.

            “Argh!” Jermaine shouted out in anger as she stormed out of the dining hall.

            “Jermaine?” Harriet and Georgina asked her tentatively.

            “I HATE THEM!” Jermaine shouted out. “How could they not be mindful of the feelings of others!”

            Jermaine continued to walk. She was heading to her dorm.

            “Jermaine,” Harriet sounded concerned. “We have a class soon.”

            “I DON’T CARE!” she spat at Harriet, who became suddenly hurt. “ALL I CARE ABOUT IS GETTING RID OF THAT WOMAN TROY CALLS A GIRLFRIEND!”

            They reached Jermaine’s dorm, and Jermaine stomped the door open.

            Without noticing anything, Jermaine strode into a closet, which, on the outside, looks like a closet, but inside it was a small room which held a small laboratory.

            Jermaine grabbed a large book and slammed it down open on the table. She browsed it briefly, and then, with a sinister smile, began to bring down chemicals both solid and liquid.

            Georgina looked into the page Jermaine was following, and color drained from her face.

            On the title were the words “Visage of Death”.

            Georgina was shaking as she read it. The book said that victim who would drink it would look and feel as if he or she was already dead for only twenty four hours, but it could kill in an instant once it was never countered. The victim is still alive for only that time span, and the only known antidote was if he or she is to feel the only thing in the world that makes him or her feel alive.

            Harriet looked over. The same reaction was exuded by Harriet.

            “Jermaine,” Georgina said, her voice shaky. “Don’t tell me…”

            “Yes, she’s going to do it…” Harriet’s tone was devoid of any life.

            “Yes, I didn’t come here to study chemistry for nothing,” Jermaine said to herself, her voice deadly. “That book is one of the many books of my parents that they kept around the house. I stole it, as I could use it to my advantage, and now is the right time to use it.”

            She mixed the poison in a fast pace. As it turned into different colors indicated in the book, her face got more and more deadly. Georgina and Harriet were cowering in a corner.

            She worked faster and faster and faster and then—

            “Yes… YES!” She said as she turned and held up a test tube with a crystal violet liquid. She laughed higher and higher until it was so high it sounded like a witch’s cackle.

            Extremely terrified, Georgina and Harriet ran for their life, leaving their friend from her madness.

            Jermaine seemed not to notice.

            “If I cannot have my prince, NO ONE WILL!” Jermaine said out loud, and she cackled once more.

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