A Fairy Tale Like No Other - Five

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Fifth Chapter

The Princess’s Bodyguard


            Troy and Diane were woken up by the doorbell.

            The both of them stretched and yawned and went to the door.

            It was Kate who was standing outside with a boy that was almost very tall and leonine. His face was smooth yet cheerful, but something lingers behind the smiling face that gives Diane the goosebumps. His body was just a tad leaner than Troy’s, and it made him the more intimidating.

            “Why are you here?” Diane asked Kate.

            “I was requested by him,” Kate nodded to Troy.

            “Oh, yes, come in,” Troy invited them in. they both went into the sitting room, and the boy she was with eyed the couch with the pillows in a mess.

            “Been sleeping?” the boy asked me. His voice was light and gentle.

            “Um… yes…” I answered uncertainly, feeling intimidated.

            The boy laughed lightly.

            “She’s so cute,” the boy said. “If I hadn’t a girlfriend, I’d ask you out.”

            Both Troy and Kate hit his head.

            “Ow!” the boy swore in pain. “What was that for?”

            “This is Nathan Reid,” Kate introduced. “My boyfriend.”

            Diane raised her eyebrows. “You never told me you had one,” she asked intriguingly.

            “Pleased to meet you,” Nathan knelt down and kissed Diane’s hand, and Diane blushed.

            Nathan got hit again on the head.

            “Do that again and your sleepover privileges are over,” Kate was massaging her knuckles.

            She didn’t know what happened, but suddenly, he was sitting on the sofa with Kate on his lap. “Don’t be so jealous, love,” he said in the same voice that seemed so seductive to Kate, as she flushed crimson. “You are still the most beautiful girl to me,” Nathan then kissed Kate’s nose, and she swooned from it.

            Diane and Troy cleared their throats pointedly. Kate and Nathan pulled away from each other and sat there as if nothing happened.

            Troy shook his head and smiled.

            “Man, no one can still dethrone you as the Don Romantico of Spencer Academy,” Troy said as he sat down on the couch he and Diane had slept on. Dine followed his lead.

            “Well, what can I do? I’m irresistible,” Nathan shrugged.

            Kate just rolled her eyes.

            “To what do we owe this visit?” Diane asked curiously.

            “That’s what we want to know,” Nathan looked at Troy questioningly.

            “Well, do you know Jermaine Thatcher?” He asked Nathan.

            “Oh yeah, I know her,” Nathan replied. “Isn’t she the one whom lady love beat up at the dining hall the other day?” He winked at Diane when he said that. Clearly, no one would ever make her forget that day.

            “Moving on,” Troy said quickly, as Nathan had never seen Diane get angry. “I want to ask you for a favor.”

            “And what that might be?” Kate asked.

            “Jermaine has been trying to get to Diane these past few days,” Troy confided. He turned to Diane. “I haven’t told you this because I was hoping she was going to stay away from you, but it seems it’s the contrary.”

            “What do you mean?” Diane asked.

            “She’s been following me and you ever since that day you humiliated her in front of the student body, and the only thing she can’t ever forgive and forget is an injury to her popularity.”

            Troy turned back to Nathan and Kate.

            “I would like you to guard Diane when I’m not around,” he said to Nathan> “I fear that she may get her chance when I’m not with her.”

            Kate and Diane drew their breaths. Nathan seemed unfazed.

            “Well, Fine. I’m bored anyway,” Nathan shrugged it off, but something tells Diane that it was quite a challenge that was too good to pass. Then his face became wicked and sinister. “I need to get revenge on what she did to Kate.”

            “Kate? What did she do to you?” Diane asked concernedly.

            “She tripped me when I was practicing at the ballet studio,” Kate was grumbling. “My left foot suffered the worst as I fell on it. I can’t walk for three days because of it.”


            “For the same reasons Troy wants you to be looked after,” Nathan replied. “She wanted to get revenge on you. She tried to hurt Kate so that she could use her as bait to make you come to her. Thank goodness for Kate’s intuition or else you would be packing your bags.”

            “Yes, I nearly told you, until I realized what she was trying to do when she said ‘now this should lure her to me’”, Kate said with irritation. Nathan placed his arm on her shoulder and rubbed her arm to console her.

            “But why you of all the persons in this school?” Diane asked Nathan. “I don’t mean to be rude; I’m just curious.”

            “Well, I’m the head marshal of discipline of the school’s student council,” Nathan replied. “I report directly to the headmaster, and if it’s on the case of Jermaine and her goons, and if it’s quite an atrocious case, they will be expelled in no time at all.”

            “So,” Troy turned to Diane. “What about it?”

            Diane was thinking deeply.

            “If I may, Diane,” Kate spoke, trying to make a point. “Troy’s right about asking this to Nathan. If she’s capable of incapacitating me, it’ll be worse for you.”

            And she did have a point. It wasn’t a good picture.

            “Okay, then, I’ll agree to it,” She said to all of them, and they blew sighs of relief.

            Diane then asked them to dinner, and they had a merry time.

            At the back of her mind, Diane had a nagging feeling that she will fall to Jermaine’s little games, and she will indeed be in danger.

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