Find Me If You Can

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Princess Qiao Tan????!!!!!!!!

Gongsun Li felt like screaming out in frustration but the gag around her mouth restricted her tongue to do it.

This idiot mistook her as Princess Qiao Tan???!!!

She couldn't hide the astonishment flashing on her big round eyes as she glared at her kidnapper with fury.

The man stood before her was hardly aged enough to be called as man. He looked like a teen, most probably the same age of hers and with that pathetic wide grin and mischievous look on his face, he looked more boyish.

"I heard many praises about your immense beauty", He said observing her as he scratched his chin.

All the heaviness vanished from her chest and it puffed with pride as Gongsun Li attentively heard praises about her beauty.

So, people from this world too couldn't really ignore my shimmering beauty, hehe.

What to say?? I am just so beautiful...(blush blush)

Her face glowed with elation as she looked at her kidnapper intending to hear more about her immense beauty.

An Ran, her kidnapper's expression became more thoughtful before he said,
"But to me, You look more like a...."

Gongsun Li's heart fluttered with anticipation and her ears became perked to listen to what she looks like to him.






"You totally look like a pig!",An Ran declared with his eyes closed as if he just announced his biggest discovery.

G.Li felt like flipping the table as her mind bubbled with anger.

Pig your grandmom! Pig your mother !Pig your entire family!!!!
Gongsun Li woke up from her short nap when her kidnapper entered into the den with something like food in his hand.

Considering how hungry she was, she would've jumped on the food by now but those damned rope around her compelled her to sit like a freaking cocoon.

Watching her widened eyes, An Ran asked,
" Are you awake?"

G.Li resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

No, I am not awake. I am sleeping with my eyes open.

However, her kidnapper decided to pull out the gag from her mouth making her cough furiously.

"Eat", An Ran ordered before digging into his food.

G.Li felt like smacking him senseless..

How was she supposed to eat with her hands bound?!

"Release my hands", she deadpanned.

"Why would I do that?",An Ran looked at her weirdly.

Can I kill him?

It didn't take long before realization dawned upon him as a huge grin appeared on his lips.

"Don't try to do anything funny, princess",he warned before releasing her hands.

Funny?Now you will see funny.

As soon as her hands were released, G.Li jumped on him wailing like crazy and scratched the life out of his face.

Poor G.Li! She didn't get to continue her attack long because she was soon tackled by An Ran and was back to be bound like cocoon.

An Ran was breathing harshly as he stood there with his face as red as a cooked shrimp filled with her scratches.

Though she was defeated, G.Li felt pride bubbled up in her chest watching her brutal handiwork on his face.

Chu Chu,my dear. Thank you for teaching me the power of scratches. Mamma is so proud of you, tears'.

However, all her joys vanished and was replaced with horrible surprise when her kidnapper's voice reached her ears,

"You are feistier than that bastard author described you to be"

What did he just say? Author?!

Relief...... relief is what he felt whenever he was close to her, with her.

He didn't have to fear for any conspiracy, any plot with her. He knew she was too foolish to do so, too naive, too precious.

But now, his only source of peace was snatched away from him. His only hope to live like any other man, happy with his family was crushed before his eyes.

A heart wrenching pain shot through Zhu Zhen's heart as he sat in his chamber alone in darkness. His blood shot eyes raked all around the room as if searching something desperately...

Memories flashed before his eyes like a movie of how she used to sleep snoring like crazy on the couch, or how she used to hide her stolen food in the corner...

Or how her eyes sparkled when she grinned while daydreaming,or her nervous smile whenever he looked at her.

What he would give to see that smile again, to get her back.

He just got back to palace now after rummaging all over the state like a madman. All his guards were spread all over searching for her.

She was no where..

A humorless chuckle left Zhu Zhen's lips when he remembered his subordinates' scared shitless faces when they stood before him. They never saw him like this. He was always a calm composed king.To see him go haywire for a mere concubine was shocking for them.

The emperor's moisturized eyes again roamed all around the corner of his chamber but they turned stony hard as soon as something crossed his eyes...

Something written on the wall with blood red letters...

Your princess is captivated, crying in my den.
You don't have much time My King, find me if you can.

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