Helpless bunny in the lion's den

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Stupid! Stupid!

Gongsun Li slapped herself for the tenth times in frustration.

How could she be so stupid ah?!

"Miss Li, please don't slap yourself!", one of her maids cried out. "Miss' round cheeks already has turned red like Tomatoes. If it turns any more red his highness will have our heads!"

Gongsun Li wanted to burst into tears.. What a bad luck! What a bad luck! Now she didn't even have the freedom of slapping herself, sob' sob'.

Tonight she was going to sacrificed anyway to that wanker, her pure virgin body was going to be eaten like a pork meat by his large mouth for sure!

Uuuuu.. uuuu

"Miss, please stop crying. You have already ruined your make up for two times. If you continue like this, you won't make to the royal chamber tonight!"

That's what I am trying to do, you bitches!

"And then His Highness will come here and consummate with you in here!", another maid added with a smug expression as if she was an omnipotent.

Whaat! No, then that wanker wouldn't hold back a bit and eat me like a BBQ. Uuuu.. It's better to be eaten like a pork meat then.

So, with a heavy heart, Gongsun Li gave in to her inevitable fate and let the maids transform her from a chubby doll to a phoenix so that the emperor could find his pork meat to be quite tasty.

And damn! Tasty she looked.


*Mature contents ahead!

When Gongsun Li was brought in front of the door of royal chamber, she was adorned with a royal red diyi( a traditional robe). Taking a deep breath, she knocked at the door, her jewelleries tinkling with each breath she took.

She clearly remembered what Xian Xu said to her when she was coming to the chamber,

"Miss Li, don't take this night lightly. Think of yourself as a helpless bunny who is entering to the lion's den. For your information, before you, the emperor never allowed himself to touch any women. So, he won't be any less ferocious than a lion tonight. It would be hard to control him ah"

"What?", Gongsun Li broke into sweats. As ferocious as a lion?! She is surely going to die in that bed, tears'

Xian Xu could clearly see her poor state. He leaned toward her as if he was going to reveal a dark secret and whispered,

"And don't even dare to get away from him, because a lion hates it when his prey struggles."

Wait! What?

"Miss Li, there is only one way to save yourself from his torture. That is, don't be rigid when he touches you, and don't hesitate to touch him and please him. If you please him first, he won't want to take much from you."

Kyaa?! It seems like luck is not in her favor at all, tears'

Now as she stood before the large door, G.Li was preparing herself mentally to please him, yes, she has to do it! Otherwise, she would be bullied to no end.

You can do it, Li! One! Two! Three!

G.Li slowly jarred the door open and stepped inside.

Darkness, the entire chamber flooded with darkness. She looked here and there again and again to make out anything, to find that wanker who was supposed to be here waiting for her, but there was no sign of life in that bloody dark chamber.

"Your highness!" Gongsun Li called.

"Yes, my love." a whisper rang just beside her ears making her shriek out ungracefully. She was just about to stumble back a few steps but two arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her to a hard chest.

A familiar manly smell welcomed G.Li and she relaxed in those arms knowing who it was. She was not going to struggle anyway, she was not that idiot, hehe.

"Mmm", Zhu Zhen nuzzled her neck with his nose and inhaled her scent.

"Mine!" He peppered kisses all over her neck, replacing them with little bites every now and then, his arms around her tightening with every kiss. G.Li closed her eyes and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbing her cheeks with his.

If losing my virginity is fated, let's do it right away, ah!

She came out of her train of thought when suddenly her hair was grabbed and Zhu Zhen slammed his lips roughly on hers. The suddenness shocked G.Li so much that she didn't open her lips when he tried to push his tongue inside.

Zhu Zhen growled in her lips before increasing pressure and finally penetrated her mouth. His tongue swirled all around, touching every single bit of her mouth, punctuating his passion with every single stroke of his tongue. Gonsun Li moaned his mouth and slid her hands in his hair, with her reciprocation their kiss became more passionate and Zhu Zhen lost his control. His warm hands branding her skin through her clothes.

After some time, Gongsun Li broke the kiss to suck oxygen in her lungs but was again attacked by her husband cruelly.

"Lao ye, this.. this concubine needs to breathe" She muttered the words between his kisses trying to keep him away from her lips. Zhu Zhen smacked a hard kiss on her lips before burying his face in her neck.

"Don't try to get away from me, my love. Zhen.. Zhen  feels crazy when you do that"

Thank you to all my love who supported me even after I delayed my update for so long. I tried very hard to write but it was just not coming from me. Finally, I managed to write out a chapter😭😭 Let me know if you like it. The next update is coming soon😊😊

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