Blind Love

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It was midnight. The spring courtyard was blooming with fresh sweet scent of plum blossoms.

A couple, husband and wife were lost in their own thoughts in the chamber. Their eyes closed as they laid on the bed hugging each other. Zhu Zhen's mascular arm was spread out cushioning G.Li's head on it, and his other arm were tightly wrapped around her body. Her little fingers nervously tapped Zhu Zhen's bare chest, sensing her nervousness, he glided his fingers on her back drawing circles to soothe her.

Gong sun Li was really in a fix. She was really worried about An Ran and wanted to talk about him with the emperor. Considering that her all time angry husband was now in a comparatively good mood, she should bring out An Ran's topic. The problem is mentioning An Ran's name when she was alone with no one to protect her was damn risky, as her husband had a weird tendency to turn into a beast whenever she says other man's name..

"Does wife want to say something?" the emperor kissed her hair tenderly, his fingers working their magic in her hair.

You can do it, Li Li. Your husband won't eat you alive for real, will he? Gulp'

Gongsun Li really wanted to say something, anything, but as though the fear inside her had crawled up and choked her throat, she couldn't mutter a single word.

Don't be scared, Li. Apply your puppy eyes and sweet mouth method. Keep fighting!

Her subconscious urged her. Taking a deep breath she peeked nervously at her husband who was calmly waiting for her reply.

Okay... sweet mouth method it is then.

Slowly sliding her fingers up from his chest to his neck, G.Li hesitantly wrapped her arms around his neck. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest and not to give way to her fear, she hurriedly buried her face in the curve of his neck.

"Laoye," she called in a sweet meek voice bringing her lips close to his ears.

Laoye means husband or master or lord.

Zhu Zhen was dumbstruck but more than that, he was hot right now. Hearing her sweet voice heat crawled up in his lower region and he grabbed her hip tightly to control himself.

"Laoye, please release An Ran!"

Zhu Zhen felt like someone just poured ice cold water on him.

An Ran!! So, all this cuddling was for that lad!!!

Rage seized his every cell that he thought he could burn the whole world with it.

Grasping her hands, he flung them away from his neck before getting ready to turn but those small arms again wrapped around his waist quickly in a feeble attempt to grab onto him.

"Laoye, please don't misunderstand jianqie." Gongsun Li pouted while staring at him pitifully.

Her arms were too small to wrap his huge waist, so in her desperateness to keep him, she wrapped her leg over his body..

Thanks to the rage Zhu Zhen was feeling inside, G.Li's virginity was still intact. If it was any other time, she would have been surely eaten like a dead meat right now considering the heat he felt in his lower region.

"Laoye, An Ran is not a bad person you think him to be. He is really a nice ma-"

Before she could complete the sentence, Zhu Zhen flipped her harshly on her back and seized her already swollen lips into a violent kiss. Gongsun Li ceaselessly thrashed at his chest only for him to kiss her harder.

Zhu Zhen's breath was ragged as their lips parted, his jaw clenched to contain his anger.

"Go on. Praise another man while rubbing your body against mine and I will bite those lips till they bleed red"

G.Li bashfully removed her body from him as soon as she felt his hold loosen around her.

She sat hurriedly on bed and crawled away from him..Her head downwards not being able to look at him in shame.

"Laoye, you always misunderstand qie." Her tone was accusing, expressing her sullen mood.

"When jianqie was kidnapped, qie really thought I will die and nobody will even see my dead body. An Ran was the one who saved me hearing my cries. Qie must be an ill fated girl, he is being punished for helping me."

Tears were rolling off of G.Li's eyes as she smoothly blurted out the lie. Her mouth was burning in pain, why wouldn't it? She had bitten her tongue too hard to bring out tears.

You bastard, An Ran!!! You better pay me for the pain I am taking to rescue you or it would not be my tongue which would be bitten red, humph!

On the other side, the emperor was too much in panic to notice the prominent loopholes in her fabricated story as he watched big round tears rolling off his wife's chubby cheeks.

In his restlessness, he slammed his wife on his chest while kissing away her tears.

"Li'er, forgive Zhen for misunderstanding you. Zhen is really sorry. I will release that lad tomorrow if you say. Just..just don't cry."

*/ the emperor refers himself as Zhen.

"No! Laoye is a bad man. Li Li won't talk to Laoye anymore." G.Li puffed her cheeks cutely and whipped her head aside to avoid his kiss. All she wanted was to use it as an excuse to maintain distance from the emperor for some days.

But Zhu Zhen was not ready to take any of her excuses and pushed her neck to steal another long passionate kiss.

"Don't you dare talk about distancing yourself from me! Zhen.. Zhen can't breathe when you are not close."

Adorable author: Love really makes one blind!! Irony, the mightiest emperor who would not be tricked by the most cunning trickster in the country was defeated so easily by a little chubby rabbit.

Someone really said right, brain gets damaged when you are in love, sigh'

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