Here Comes Drama!

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Zhu Zhen was awoken from his deep sleep by a soft ticklish feeling on his neck. A frown appeared on his face as he crouched his head aside to find out the reason but it immediately transformed into a soft surprised expression as he took in the certain drooling face that was snuggling in the crook of his neck.

With a tender look in his eyes, he trailed his gaze on the sleeping face in his neck. All the events of the previous night started playing on his head as he planted kisses after kisses on his sleeping wife's hair.

He remembered how she managed to comfort him in her own foolish way, her hands doing magic on his shoulders making all the tensions evaporate.

Before he knew, he wrapped his arms around G.Li pulling her closer. His face broke into a amused laugh listening to his wife's incoherent sleeping rants.He couldn't help pinching her nose before kissing it away.

Suddenly his hands that were caressing her hair stopped midway as a obvious question arose in his mind.

Why couldn't he remember how they ended up on bed? Taking the small figure of his little concubine into account,she could noway carry him to bed. Even if someone other moved him he could have sensed it before they could touch him.

Then why couldn't he remember what happened after he fell asleep on his chair?

His eyebrows furrowed when he rummaged through his memories to figure out..

But the next they turned straight making his eyes turn cold as the answer of his question dawned upon him...

Him! It must be him! He appeared last night!

From the moment she woke up, Gongsun Li was going through a festive experience. The whole palace wore a festive look adorned like bride. All the maids, eunuchs, servants were super busy running all over the palace preparing for God knows what..

And as usual, G.Li was ignored. Nobody bothered to answer her questions. Hell!nobody even bothered to look at her..

On top of that, that brat emperor was nowhere to be seen.

Losing hope of having her answers, she decided to indulge herself into the beauty of the newly adorned palace.

When she was engrossed in figuring out the meaning of some chinese calligraphy, some muffled whispers caught her attention..

"Hey, did you hear the future empress is coming to visit the palace today?"

Whaaat!!!The empress?!

G.Li's ears perked on its own as she shifted her attention totally to the conversation.

"Future empress?", the other speaker snickered." Don't be so sure. Our emperor hasn't declared anything about marrying her."

"Do you have any doubt about that?There's nobody more deserving than her to be the empress. Nobody can comparable to her on the basis of beauty and talent. She will surely be the empress one day"

Gongsun Li was transfixed hearing the conversation...Who was the precious lady they were talking about?

Suddenly another conversation caught her attention.

"See, how much the emperor honors her. He ordered to decorate the whole palace just to welcome her in the palace. No doubt, she won over his majesty's heart by her intelligence and beauty."

"Yeah, though they are cousins by blood, they grew up as friends. His majesty deeply appreciates her advices. I heard she was invited to the palace to help the emperor in managing the royal matters when he gets involved in the war preparations."

Gongsun Li's eyes widened in surprise as a sudden realization dawned upon her hearing the conversations.

Omg! Omg! Omg! They are..they are talking about the..

"Princess Qiao Tan!", a guard announced making the whole palace shake with his loud voice and the next G.Li for the first time in her life witnessed heaven descending down the palace door as group of fairies entered through it walking gracefully.

And in middle of the fairies there stood a goddess in red flooding the whole palace with her overwhelming beauty. Gongsun Li suddenly felt suffocated with how overwhelmed she felt witnessing the beauty...

Not only her, every creature in the palace stood there bewildered with their breath stuck in their throat...

Suddenly the goddess decided to make a final blow as she flashed a heart-wrenching beautiful smile to the dumbstruck people sending them on the brink of death.

Gongsun Li felt her throat becoming dry as she took big gulps in to comfort it...

The proverb 'Beauty kills' might be made up after her beauty...

Suddenly feeling a boring gaze on her forehead she looked up to meet the heated gaze of the goddess who still had the beyond beautiful smile on her perfect lips, but the only problem was that smile turned into sneer when she looked at the poor cannon fodder of her story.

Gongsun Li felt a shiver roll down her spine as the recognition of the goddess dawned upon her...

Oh ooh, Here comes the female lead!

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