New Twist

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God! What did I just do?!!

Gongsun Li was shivering from head to toe in fear. She was now walking to the royal chamber where she was called by the emperor. Maybe her life span was coming to an end, tears'. This time, there was no save, she was surely going to be hanged to death!

Halting before the huge chamber gate, she took a deep breath and then knocked.

One knock, two knocks, three knocks.

No response!

She couldn't fathom what to do now. Even if the door opens, what would she tell her husband?

Her heart was heavy with guilt and pain... She was such an idiot! Such an idiot! That man never asked for anything, never misbehaved with her. Even though she was just a lowly maid, he treated her like a queen. The real Gongsun Li would be on cloud nine if she was treated like how she is being treated now. And what did she do? She brutally broke the one person's heart who loved her unconditionally?

I should not be here, I don't deserve to be. Maybe he would be happy if I leave right now.

Gongsun Li was just turning to leave when a deep voice resonated from the other side of the door.

"Come in"

She just felt her heart stop.

Oh heavens! How is she going to face him?

However, slowly the door slid open and G.Li tiptoed into the room. Her eyes down and face red with guilt and embarrassment. She stopped her steps just before the emperor's chair, her gaze stuck on his legs as if they were the most interesting things to look at.

"Look at me!" His voice was calm and deep, no sign of anger, neither was any sign of warmth as it was before.

Slowly, she lifted her eyes to meet with his.

Oh my god!

So cold! His gaze was so cold! No warmth, no fondness, no love was there like before.

Gongsun Li reflexively backed two steps like she was hit in her chest. Her eyes becoming teary as she restlessly gazed upon her husband! He looked so unfamiliar, so lifeless!

"Your higness!", she felt her balance tumbling before she fell down at his feet.

Hot tears poured down her cheeks as she sobbed her heart out in guilt.

After a while, G.Li felt his fingers under her chin when he lifted her face to look at her. His fingers softly wiped her tears and he helped her to stand on her feet.

G.Li didn't want to look at him, but when she did, she felt a flash of pain on his face but just for a moment. His expression was same blank after then.

Zhu Zhen let her go when she was stable on her feet.

"So, you want to go away, huh?"

If she didn't know better she couldn't have recognize the pain in his voice. She wanted to say something, apologize but words seemed to stuck in her throat.

"Your hig-

" I will allow you to go away."


G.Li felt like there was something wrong with her ears. Of course, there is or else she wouldn't hear what she just heard.

Still she asked,

"Pardon this lowly concubine, your highness, but are you su-

"Yes, I will let you leave this country, even pay you enough to support rest of your life."

"What? What are you talk-

"But on one condition!"

G.Li didn't know what to think. He was letting her leave, finally? But why was there no happiness in her heart? Why was she feeling like her heart is being ripped in two?!

No, she has to take this chance. She needs to be strong. All this is temporary and the war will be starting soon, the emperor will have to marry the princess to save his country. It's better if she leaves. Yes, she has to leave.

"Yes, your majesty. Whatever your condition is, this servant agrees with you. This maid will never forget your kindne-

"Give me a child."


"I'll let you leave, but before that, give me a heir. After the child is born, you are free."

Am I really hearing what I think I am hearing?! What the fudge is he saying?!

"Your highness, I know you are hurt. It's all my fault. I am really an ungrateful bitc- I mean ungrateful servant, but you shouldn't let this hurt affect your brain. I think you don't know what you are talki-

"I know."


"Do you accept my condition?"


"Yes or no?"

"Your highness, have mercy"


"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Gongsun Li's heart was saumarsaulting in her chest. What on earth did she just said 'yes' to?! A child!!! She can't do this! She can't leave her child here! Wait a sec! Child? That means she'll have to have sex with him? OH Heavens!!!!

"Your highness, I can-

Before she could get the words out, her lips were sealed between his in a searing kiss. Just when she thought she would pass out from lack of breathing, he moved his lips away, but still damn close that Gongsun Li could feel his hot breath on her face when he let out his next words,

"It's decided then. Be ready. We'll start from tonight."

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