I know!

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The king had been furious!!!!!

All the maids, eunuchs, guards were running here and there all around the palace doing the tasks they were given.

All of them looked scared to death and they couldn't stop the shivering and cold sweats whenever the emperor's voice boomed from his study.

It was as if they were all treading on thin line not knowing what disaster waiting for them next. Every individual in the palace were on their toes the whole time.

The environment of the palace looked chaotic with their busy pace and the  head servants shouting orders...

Zhu Zhen felt his every cell burning in rage. He had already elongated his tour in Han state enough to solve the prevailing problems. The royal palace needed his attendance there and when he thought he could return to the imperial palace peacefully, a sudden drought occured in the east part compelling him to elongate his stay there again!

And the ministers were nagging him to get back to the imperial palace as they were overly conscious with the rebellion of the 1st prince.

Zhu Zhen breathed a sigh of exasperation as he leaned his head to the chair. Closing his eyes, he rubbed his temple as an attempt to eradicate the frowns away..

In middle of the chaos, a certain petite figure was actually having fun time in a corner shoving the food into her mouth that she managed to steal from the table while having breakfast with the king...

The mischievous glimmer of her eyes was enough to express her pride and delight of stealing. It was as if the chaos and shouting of the palace couldn't touch her bubbles that she created around her.

It was not that she couldn't feel the tension hanging around the palace, but she was too lazy to care.

She was actually happy with the fact that she wasn't the one who was compelled to run to that moron emperor's  beck and call and nobody was least bothered with her existence.

She loved it when people treated her like air...

So, closing her eyes in pure delight of tasting those scrumptious dishes, she laid down comfortably using her arms as pillow. The mischievous smile in her lips was there the whole time when she was deep indulged  into her dreamy slumber...






The next G.Li was jolted awake with the sudden jerking around her body. She wanted to scream 'Earthquake!" but her voice was muffled by a soft hand on her lips.

Gongsun Li looked at the maid before her with outraged irritation....

How dare she disturbs my sweet dreams!

"The emperor is looking for you. Go!"


Gongsun Li shot up from her sleeping position and ran to the chamber like her butt was on fire.

A dark room welcomed G.Li when she opened the door of the royal chamber, she slowly tiptoed in the room looking here and there but couldn't see anything but darkness.

But something caught her eyes in the room. In the flood of this darkness a faint light of the moon peeked through the window enlightening a silhouette leant against the chair. The emperor sat on the chair looking blankly out of the window, moonlit enhanced his sharp features creating a heavenly sight.

He looked beautiful... beyond beautiful and he looked lonely.

G.Li's felt a tug in her as the loneliness emitting from her husband pierced through her heart.

That man looked so tired, so helpless." His slumped shoulders, a slight downward curve in his lips and helpless fluttering of his eyelashes revealed how lost he felt.

Zhu Zhen moved his gaze to the moon slowly. Someone said right,
The higher you reach, the lonelier you become.

He is the emperor, everyone is always ready on their knees to do everything he orders but sometimes he feels a need, a desperate need for someone who would be by his side wherever he is, someone who would understand him without speaking, someone who would comfort him in his loneliest time like now.

Zhu Zhen closed his stinging eyes and sighed helplessly but they shot open when he suddenly felt a slight comforting pressure on his shoulders...

It was Gongsun Li!!!!!

The king looked at his wife standing behind him who was now busy on giving him 'Li Special shoulder massage'

"When did you com-"


Gongsun Li shushed the helplessly dumbfounded man placing a finger on his lips. She wouldn't dare to do it if it was any other time but now looking at the lost helpless man before her. she didn't feel a bit fear. What she felt now was only an urge to comfort this lonely mighty emperor.

So, she retracted her hands on his shoulders and started massaging slowly making the emperor moan in pleasure.

Zhu Zhen's eyes fluttered close in the sudden comforting delight. He could feel his body relax making all the tension and worries evaporate.

"You are an angel in disguise" His whispers sounded more like a muffled moan as he relaxed his body under the magic of her fingers.

"I know", Gongsun Li smiled fondly at her now sleeping husband.

Gongsun Li gasped as the sudden realization of her action dawned upon her mind. What was she doing here?What's with that new fluttering feelings in her heart?

Holy crap! I think I should find a way out of this palace soon. Real soon!

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