And now, we flee!

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"Hey, stop snoring!", one of G.Li' co-prisoners irritated shout woke her up from her delirious dream.

"I was not snoring, it's just my nose singing lullaby for me!", she looked accusingly at her co-prisoner only prompting him to glare bullets at her.

"Then tell your nose to stop before I break every bones of it!"

G.Li hurriedly slapped her hands on her nose and slided a careful distance away from him. As it was unnerving dark in the dungeon she couldn't properly make out his face, but the voice of her co-prisoner was awfully familiar to her. She couldn't just recall whose voice was it. Actually, she talked to only a few people in the world, they were Zhu Zhen, Xiao Hua, that stupid demi god and...

An Ran!!!! This is An Ran!!!

"An Ran", she called with doubt in her voice only to be responded by silence. Is it really not An Ran? But there was a clear semblence of his voice to this prisone-

"How do you know my name?", An Ran responded after taking his sweet time. He had spent around one month in this dungeon and nobody bothered to ask about his condition. So, it's not illogical to find it unbelievable that someone knew his name.

"I am Gongsun Li. What are you doing here?"

"Gongsun Li!!!!!! I thought you were a man! How come you ended up in dungeon? Did the emperor's infatuation over you finally vanish?", An Ran shot his questions at her like bullets. To say he was dumbfounded would be a huge understatement.

"It's a long story but leave that now. I want to know why are you still here? You were supposed to be released long ago!" G.Li huffed in exasperation. What the hell? All these days, she acted like a sweet wife to that bastard emperor to release An Ran and still he was captivated in dungeon! This is heights!!!

"Was I?" An Ran smiled ruefully.

"Do you really think that bastard husband of yours will leave me so easily?"

"Bu-", Gongsun Li was cut off by sudden whispers of the jail guards.

"Hey, all of you hurry up and go to the back yard! The emperor has summoned all the guards." One guard gushed hurriedly.

"But who will protect the dungeon if we're gone?" Another guard questioned.

"Heavens! I don't know, the concubine is missing. If we don't go, the emperor will have our heads in platter." this statement however was enough to scare all the guards off the dungeon.

An Ran was dumbstruck to no end. The concubine is in the dungeon with him and all the guards are going out to find her?! What on earth is happening?

He with a shocked expression stared at G.Li.

"What is happening? What do we do now?"

What surprised him more was the mischievous smile playing on her lips as she replied,

"And now, we flee!"


An Ran sighed in exasperation. It's been an hour  since they were hiding behind a bush and G.Li's didn't seem to have any plans to get out either. That little woman was snoring on his shoulder peacefully.

God! She can sleep through anything!

"Li Li! Li Li! Wake up!", he whisper yelled at her ears.

"What! Don't disturb my sleep!"

"Damn your sleep! We have to find a way to get out of here. Wake up and get our butt out!'

G.Li sat straight and looked around to remove her sleepiness. They fled from the prison an hour ago and she didn't know where to go while all the guards were searching for her like food ridden dogs.

The emperor had however found out about her little stunt from her maid Xiao Hua. That little girl panicked when she heard the lost news of her madam and cried out about her disguise stunt to the emperor. And Zhu Zhen? He was on the verge of going crazy for her.

That damn man! Never gives me a moment to relax, sigh'

"Let's get out from here and head to the lake. That is a crowded place, it would be hard to find us there", An Ran suggested and stood up brushing dust from his cloths.

The lake was crowded enough to hide when both of them reached there.

" Li Li, come here" An Ran pointed a corner and gestured G.Li to go there, but the crowd was so dense that she couldn't even move a feet.

"I can't", she replied while struggling against the pushy crowd. A shriek left her lips when she felt herself picked up all on a sudden.

" What the hell are you doing?!" She shouted from An Ran's shoulder.

He didn't bother to reply and put her down when they reached the corner.

"An Ran, I think this is the time we should be separated. I should go back to the palace." G.Li whispered sadly when they were at a safe distance from the crowd.

"What are you talking about? I can't let you go back to the palace. The emperor will kill you!"

"He won't. Can you see all those guards searching for me? You'll be in danger if I
stay with you. So, it's safe if I go back to the palace. At least one of us would be safe." G.Li smiled at An Ran, rubbing his hands to reassure him.

An Ran stared at her thoughtfully, his eyes expressing his indecision.

"Promise me you'll be safe.", his voice was shaky with pain as he gripped her hands.

She smiled.

"I promise."

Before she could realize, G.Li was pulled in a tight hug by An Ran. With a heart warming feeling she reciprocated his hug and closed her eyes to hide the tears.

Not long after, shout and screams filled the environment and before she could see, An Ran's arms were snatched away from her.

G.Li felt a cold shiver running down her spine as soon as her eyes met with the brooding figure of her mighty husband. In a moment, a heart piercing scream left her mouth as she saw him beat An Ran mercilessly.

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