Message (full chapter)

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The air around the palace turned heavier as loud shattering noise echoed from the royal chamber. It doesn't take a scholar to know about the emperor's immense fury..

More guards, soldiers, eunuchs exited the castle gate in a mission to find Gongsun Li, a simple maid for whom there king had turned all crazy.

The emperor's cold eyes turned frostier as he stared at the blood red words written on his wall. His chest was heaving in untameable rage and all the ministers stood behind him knew better than to provoke their emperor right now.

Zhu Zhen didn't acknowledge them nor did he move but the way how his strong built body was shaking was a good sign to let everyone feel the degree of rage building within him.

It would be seeking death if anybody bothers to poke him.So,nobody dared and just stood there silently with their heads bowed down.

However,a certain eunuch, Chei Peng was not as lucky as everyone because he was given a task to convey a very important message to the emperor..

Knowing he may not be alive to watch the next sunset, he prayed to all the gods and stuttered pitifully,

"Yo..your highness"

Zhu Zhen was snapped out of his fierce reverie by his lowly eunuch and he turned abruptly to look at him.

"Speak", he gritted out the words harshly.

"It's a me...message.",Chei Peng could swear he almost peed at His Highness' angered voice

Another loud shattering noise echoed around the chamber and everyone moved their surprised gaze to the broken royal table that was there intact a minute ago.

Veins popped out of the king's muscular arm as he held Cheng Pei's throat in a death grip.

"What message?", He swore if it was any bad news about his little wife he would choke this lowly creature to death...

Chei Peng could feel all the air being knocked out of his chest but he managed to bring out his next words somehow...

"It's from ma.... master Zhao Cheng."

A loud thud was heard as he dropped the eunuch to floor.Slowly moving closer to his throne,he sat there with elegance before ordering half dead Chei Peng to read out the message.

Your Highness,
I heard you went rampage over a lowly maid kidnapped from your palace. Though, I should be disappointed as your master that you are tiring yourself over something so trivial, I want to help you out of this..

I can not to explain everything to you in a message but trust me when I say this,

The kidnapper never intended to kidnap your lowly maid. It's Tan'er that he wants.

That night two things happened,
1.Princess Qiao Tan's security was tightened highly.

2.The emperor went out to find his wife determined not to return without her.


Princess Qiao Tan paced all around her chamber restlessly. Her beautiful face was scrunched in worry as she was lost in her thoughts.

Pei Nian, her personal maid couldn't bear to see her master so bothered and decided to calm her down..

"Niangniang (miss) , please don't be so worried. His majesty has tightened your security and the kidnapper would not be able to touch your hair."

Qiao Tan sighed listening to her maid's nonsense. She moved her gaze to watch over the guards who stood before her door in a protective stand.

It would be a lie if she said she wasn't happy knowing the emperor's favorite concubine was kidnapped. Though that girl looked too foolish for her own good,nobody was trustworthy in this world.

It doesn't take time for a fool pig to turn into a venomous snake in this palace..

So, she was relieved that a potential obstacle was ripped apart without doing anything on her behalf.

But now, she was damn pissed knowing that the kidnapper's aim was to abduct her, not that fool.

"Where is his highness?" she asked her maid..She must talk to the emperor though he was not in the right ming to do so.

God knows, what was so special about the fat pig that she could make the emperor so whipped?

Qiao Tan rolled her eyes remembering the way how Zhu Zhen looked at his maid with deep affection..

However, she didn't give a damn about it. She had no interest in the emperor's affection either, all she wanted was the position of an empress that she deserved most and hell will break loose if she ever lets it go.

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