As you wish,my Queen

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Gongsun Li was jolted awake in the middle of the night when she felt a soft touch trailing her cheeks. The touch trailed down her jaw causing goosebumps to rise all over her body.

Deep darkness was flooding all around her and she couldn't manage to see through the darkness but she could sense a prominent presence beside her... Hell! She could even feel the air of his breath brushing through the exposed area of her neck.

She sensed the presence getting closer to her as if his face was crouching down over hers just centimeters away.

A rough hand caressed her cheeks softly making her breathless due to the unlimited fear she felt within her..

"Wh..who ar..are you?", before she could stop, her tongue stammered out the words.

A shiver rolled down her spine hearing the soft humorless chuckle left from his lips as his hand cupped her cheek.

"Tell me love, who am I?"

The voice was low but didn't fail to radiate the danger that it contained making her tremble more.

And the voice sounded familiar.

G.Li's eyes widened as the familiarity of the voice dawned upon her,

"You.. your high.. highness!"

Is it a prank? why the emperor is acting all so creepy?

As her eyes got used to the darkness,G.Li slowly could make out the shadowed sharp features of the emperor and she didn't even miss the calm sinister smile on his lips.

"You are th..the emper.."

Before she could finish her statement, Zhu Zhen yanked her closer before standing up while picking her up in a bridal style. His hold on her tightened as he brought her up over his chest hovering his lips by her ear whispering dangerously,

"Think before you say and think carefully, love. Who am I to you?"

No response.

All G.Li was busy in squirming wildly in his hold while letting out her terrified shriek. She was in no mood to reply to the meaningless question of the maniac emperor.

Zhu Zhen's patience was becoming thinner as minutes passed. Heaven knows how he expected her to come up with the right answer that could calm the raging beast within him and how his ears yearned to hear her say it!

Watching her struggling harder to get away, his every cell fumed with rage and he couldn't take it any longer.

Coming closer to the bed, he threw her on it watching her shuffle to the corner like a scared kitten. G.Li buckled her knees to her chest, her heart pounding with fear watching the fury burning in his eyes. Her eyes pooled with tears as she eyed the familiar man whom she couldn't recognize anymore.


What she felt now more than fear was humiliation. She felt like she was being harassed and couldn't take it lightly as she was an educated girl of modern era. Tears of humiliation started flowing through her lashes as she felt anger bubbling inside her.

But the emperor was too in rage to notice any of her reaction and her attempt to get away from him didn't anything but fuel his flame more.

Gritting his teeth, he grabbed her ankle pulling her to him before wrapping it around his waist and secured his arms around her tightly ignoring her wild pushing and thumping on his chest.

"Let me go", she managed to bring out the words between her sobs as she wriggled harder in his arms.

"Never", Zhu Zhen replied softly looking down at her squirming figure as he pulled her closer making her sob louder.

He could feel a heart wrenching pain shooting through his chest hearing her loud sobs and guilt consumed all the anger in his mind. He knew he should let her go but the urge to keep her closer, hold her tighter was more obstinate not letting him leave her a bit.

"What are you doing to me?"

The helplessness in his whisper shook something deep inside G.Li as she stopped her struggle midway to look at his face but it was only for a moment because it didn't take her long to remember how he manhandled her out of nowhere making her feel humiliated..

The bubbling anger fueled inside her making her hit harder on his chest with all her might while hot angry tears poured down her cheeks.

This time, Zhu Zhen didn't even try to stop the tortures that was raining upon his chest as he laid there motionlessly letting her do whatever she wanted. His hands that were around her waist started rubbing her back gently as an attempt to calm her down.

But his numbness to her torture didn't anything but add fuel to her already flaming anger. She suddenly felt like her hits were not enough to hurt the emperor. So, she decided to involve her mouth in her tortures.

"You bloody wanker,you stinky brat.How dare you hurt me like this! I curse you, I curse you to grow an ugly horn over your head. I curse your nose to puff like a watermelon, I curse your ears to.."

"I am sorry",he whispered in her ears making her stop the stream of curses leaving her mouth.


Gongsun Li wide-eyed looked at the man who looked down at her beneath his lashes with a guilty look on his face..

Auditory hallucination?

"Forgive me",Zhu Zhen again apologized making her believe it was true.

A gasp left her lips as the realization of the happenings dawned upon her.

What the fudging fudge!!!!!!! The Oh So Almighty emperor was apologizing to me?!!!!!

Gonsun Li suddenly felt a sense of power rising inside her. This wanker wanted her apologies?

"No!",she replied jutting her lips out like a spoiled child making the emperor chuckle softly.

" Please", he whispered sensually in her ears before hiding his head in the crook of her neck with a smirk on his lips..

"No!No means no!", G.Li deadpanned wriggling to get away from his hold.

"Stubborn little wife"

She heard him mutter as he brushed his nose with hers fondly.

"Can't you forgive your husband for once?", he sighed helplessly before he rose up from his lying position propping himself on his elbow.

" No!"

"No?", Zhu Zhen arched his eyebrows grinning mischievously from ear to ear as a new idea formed on his head.His hands stealthily travelled to the side of her waist as he asked for the last time.

"Are you sure you won't forgive me, wife?"

Gongsun Li puffed her cheeks to show off her anger.

"Yes, I am sur..Oh My God!"

A stream of giggles left her lips as Zhu Zhen's fingers started tickling her making her laugh out loud.

Soft chuckles escaped from his lips accompanied by the giggle of his wife who was squirming under the funny torture of his fingers transforming the darkness of tensions that hung in the room into a light of joy.

"Hihihi, pleas-please stop!", She felt like her stomach would burst anytime soon due to her hysteric laugh.

"Then tell me you forgave me", Zhu Zhen demanded while chuckling to the miserable condition of her wife..

"Okay, okay! I forgive you,your highness. Now stop tickling", G.Li ordered between her giggles.

Zhu Zhen stopped his torture letting her go before he engulfed her again in his arms planting his chin on her head.

"You are not allowed to hurt me like that ever again" Too tired to resist his hug, Li muttered drowsily in her half asleep state snuggling her face on his chest.

"As you wish, my queen", the king whispered kissing his asleep wife's head one last time before closing his eyes with a satisfied smile on his lips.

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