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1 what's your favorite thing about Wattpad?

Finding such an amazing variety of stories every time I go exploring the books on offer!

2 how would you spend a rainy day?

Wrapped in a blanket on my sofa, watching movies or reading a good book.

3 what's your favorite holiday and why?

Bonfire Night in the UK. Who doesn't love bonfires and fireworks and hot chocolate on a cold night?

4 what's one Wattpad goal?

I want to take a book to #1 in one of its categories. 'Battle Ground' made it to #2 in 'Totalitarian', and I was so excited!

5 Are you still surprised when you gain a new vote, follow or comment?

Always. It's wonderful to know that readers are enjoying my writing.

6 if you could hang out with your favorite celeb for a day, who would you choose and what would you do?

George Takei or Kate Mulgrew. We'd talk. Well - they would talk. I'd be happy to listen

7 what's your schedule regarding your writing?

I always aim to start after breakfast, and I never sit down to write until after lunch. I'll write all night once I get started, and other people have to remind me to eat and sleep. I once wrote 13,555 words of a novel in a single day - but there are also days when it's a struggle to write 200. I've learned to schedule writing time and see what happens. 

8 what inspired you to write?

So many things! I've always read a lot, and I've always written short stories. I started 'Battle Ground' when an amazing freelance job came to an end, and my colleagues challenged me to compete in NaNoWriMo. I wrote the first draft in six weeks, and then realized I needed a second book to finish the story. And then a third. The Battle Ground series turned out to be five books long, and there's a tie-in novella as well. I didn't win NaNoWriMo, but I did write an entire YA dystopian series in less than 18 months.

9 what's a good piece of advice for a newcomer?

Give yourself permission to write badly. Get your ideas on the page and come back and rewrite everything later. You can always improve on what you've written, but if there's nothing on the page, there's nothing to work on. I'm a perfectionist, so I know how hard this is - but I've also learned to accept a terrible first draft, and a much-improved rewrite.

10 what's a song you enjoy? Who is the artist?

'Dancing on the Wall' by Iona. It's a song about revolution and being part of something bigger than yourself. It's a song about changing the world and celebrating the change. And it's by a band who list 'Bunch of Keys' and '20 Litre Yellow Plastic Bucket (Empty and Full)' on their instrument list. What's not to love?

11 what's your dream vacation?

I'd love to go back to Hawaii. We saw the lava lake in the Halema'uma'u crater before it collapsed and went stargazing at the top of Mauna Kea. The beaches on Oahu were absolutely stunning. I'd love to see more of the islands!

Request time!

'Battle Ground' (Battle Ground #1) is a near-future YA dystopia with a strong 16-year-old female protagonist. She starts the book not knowing where she's going - she's been conscripted into a branch of the army, and she's trying not to stand out and get into trouble. She builds a group of friends, and they stick together through their training. But when she witnesses something terrible, she realizes that she can't stay and fight. It's a story about friendship, but it's also about finding the courage to break the rules and stand up to the bad guys - whether that's the bullies next door, or the government in power. I want readers to fall in love with my characters, but I want to challenge them, too. I want to ask: what would you do if your government took away your rights? And what would it do to you, if you chose to resist?

 I want to ask: what would you do if your government took away your rights? And what would it do to you, if you chose to resist?

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