Life With The Ex, Four: Complains.

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Nafisa stood there looking at Ammah as she got in her BMW, feeling herself.

   Nafisa stood there looking at Ammah as she got in her BMW, feeling herself

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"Why are you glaring at her?" Rahama asks.

"She's so arrogant. Honestly I can't see why that Mohammed guy would marry an ingrate like her wallahi"
"Well That is how she has always been"
"You know her?"

"Well not exactly but it was all over the news when her father died. They seized all his assets since his death no one heard a word about her, not until a week back. Some people say it's because his death shook her but people who actually know her said it was because she was broke that's why".
"Well after meeting her I can agree that she hid because she was broke"
"Yeah. But whyyyyyy! Why did Mohammed marry that girl? He is way out of her league".

"Come on let's do our job that is none of our business and Rahama if you can remember clearly you are married fah".

They continue checking out the house.


She opens the door and comes in. She puts her car keys in a pocket in her LV handbag.
She falls on the couch.

Hashim comes in seconds later wearing only a vest and shorts.
"You're back later than usual" he says standing over her wrapping his arms around her neck from behind.

"Today I met a total bitch".
"Isn't that part of your job? Meeting them everyday".

"She was rude. Wai she was asking me if I live in a dungeon dan bansan nipsey blue bah".
"Well first of all my queen, the love of my life, the mother of my children, my life, my soul doesn't live in a dungeon and secondly nipsey blue literally doesn't exist. People started the whole thing when that rapper nipsey died. Wai who is she mah?" He asks taking his arms off her and leaning on the couch.
"Ammah Ashiru"

"Wait that girl has the audacity to do that a to my wife when she was just a past glory"
"Well that will change. Turns out she's getting married to Mohammed Hamza".
"Mohammed Hamza? That guy doesn't seem like a guy that would be with someone like her".

"Apparently She is his type"
"Don't worry about her"
"Ugh! I'm so tired".
"Let me massage you" He says massaging her shoulders.
"That's perfect. I feel better already".

"Anything else you want just tell me. I got take outs".
She raises her head and looks at him.
"How did you know?"

"I know how you try to always get home early. And if you stayed late it means it was very important and plus you sent me a text that you might be thirty minutes late".
"But I am 2 hours late".
"Anyway, Go take your bath and come let's eat" she stands up and picks up her bag.
"You deserve a proper reward" She says and winks before walking upstairs.
He smiles and walks to the kitchen.


Hashim was in the passengers seat while his friend Amir was driving, and Amir's twin brother in the back seat. They were coming back from a wedding in Amir's car.

"It feels good to see that you're finally married. I thought you'd never want to leave bachelorhood wallahi" Amir says.
"It feels good being married. Though people actually say couples must fight for it to be a relationship I don't believe in that crap. We avoid arguments when any of us start it".

"That's actually really progressive fah" Amir says.
"Although she came back yesterday really pissed off because of that late Senator Abdullah Ashiru's daughter"
"The late Abdullah......Ashiru.....?" He says trying to remember.

"Ammah right?" Ahmed asks finally joining in the conversation.
"Yeah yeah that's her name" Hashim says.

"So what did Ammah do?"
"She practically humiliated my wife. Wai she had the guts to say that my wife lived in a cage just because she is paying her"

"How can that broke ass afford to hire your wife's services mah?" Ahmed asks laughing.
"Well from what my wife said she is getting married to your friend Mohammed Hamza in 3 weeks".

"Wait What!!?" He asks shocked.
"Exactly what you heard me say dai"

"I never knew your friend Mohammed was interested in overrated sluts" Amir says to his brother.
"She presently lives in his uncles house but I didn' actually I never thought he would give her a second glance. And he didn't even tell me it was her. All I knew was that he is going to get married"

"You should talk to him. If he doesn't want his whole image shattered to shreds he should let her go". Amir says.

"That isn't my place. What if he really likes her?"
"Of course I didn't mean approach him and tell him to cancel the wedding, you douche. I meant try to talk to him. I know internally you want to do it"
"Yeah gaskiya I will. I don't want Rumaisa mingling with that girl"

"Wai look at the guy who brought this up" Amir says.
Ahmed looks at Hashim.
"This was done to his wife and we're the salty ones" Ahmed says.

Hashim who brought the conversation now sat in the front seat with his ear piece plugged in his ears as he continued watching Homeland on his iPad.
Amir taps his.
Hashim removes his ear piece.
"Meye?" He asks.
"Forget it mah kawai. Continue what you were doing" Amir says sarcastically.

"Ait" He says back putting it back.


Hashim closes the door, immediately he turns around Nafisa hugs him.
"Wow! I was not expecting you'd be this excited" she says nothing still glued to him.
"I understand it's the first time we were away from each other but it was just 5days"

She pulls away still smiling.
His smile disappears "Honestly Nafisa I can't tell if I should run or smile with you" He says nervously. "Because this your smile is scaring me" he adds.

She smiles wider, giggling.
"I'm definitely not safe, I should run" He says walking past her.

"So you're leaving me to raise our child alone" she says.
He stops dead in his tracks.
He turns back around.

"Eh?" He asks a smile evident in his face.
"You heard me. 3 weeks" She says in a giddy tone.

He hurries over to her and holds her by the waist.
"You're serious? Are you serious? Tell me you're serious"

She nods.

He picks her up before gently placing her down and hugging her tight.
"You'll crush both the baby and I if you continue hugging me this way"
He quickly lets go.

"I'm just so excited. Now let's go and feed you".

"With the food I cooked?" She asks sarcastically.
"Yeah sure....whatever as long as you eat".

"What about your suitcase?" She asks as he grabs her waist pulling her next to him and dragging her.
"That can wait till you eat".

She laughs....

They say nothing lasts forever..... I've always wanted to know if love falls under that........

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