Life With The Ex, Nine: The Beginning Of Hypocrisy.

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    Hashim was worried it was already 9pm and Nafisa still wasn't back yet.
He took his car keys and was about to open the door when Muhibba comes in.
"Where are you going?" She asks.

"Nafisa isn't back yet and she's not answering her phone"
"Maybe she went home"

"She would have called, don't get worked up"
"She's my wife and she's not back of course I have to get worked up" he says before walking out.

    "Tasiu bude gate. In Nafisa ta dawo kah Kira Ni"
"Tana waje"
     "Meneh?" He runs outside.
He stops when he sees her car parked outside.

He slowly walks over.
He knocks on the passengers side's window.

She opens the door, he comes in and closes the door.
She was watching on her IPad. He checks the back seat and he sees Anisa sleeping.
    "How long have you been out here" He asks.
"2 hours"

"2hours? Why won't you go in?"

"You're really asking?"
He nods back.

"Well if you really want to know, it's because of our guest"
"But she has been here since Sunday"

"Yeah She was. You brought her Sunday evening and that whole night I was in my room and I felt lucky because I would go to work the day after and I have been going to work since then. I come back by 5pm and eat while she's in her room and by the time she's out, I am in my room and that is what I have been doing but today is Friday, I don't have work tomorrow"

"You love weekends"
"Yeah I did when I was in my house"

He rolls his eyes. "You're still not over that. I thought that part was over. It is your house too"

"Nah. We will never be over that. That's just the beginning, that was our first real fight, that won't be the end"
"It is"
She looks up through the wind shield to look at the house.

 That's just the beginning, that was our first real fight, that won't be the end""It is"  She looks up through the wind shield to look at the house

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"The house I couldn't wait to get back to every night is the same house I dread. I hate it here"

"Hate" he asks with a frown.

"Hashim I want you to understand something.....It's true I love you so very much and I always will, you mean a lot to me and I've never loved anyone like I love you. I'll always stand by your side as your wife and the mother of your daughter and maybe more children to come........." she pauses. "........But if this continues I won't stand for it, I don't want my daughter living a life I wouldn't want even for my enemy, I'll stand with you but if things don't change......I'm leaving with my daughter. It's not a threat......I just want you to remember this moment if that happens.......I don't know what's going on in your head but your with us just doesn't make sense" she says before turning in the engine  and getting in.

   She comes out of the car, goes around the car and gently pick up Anisa and her bag before walking in leaving the keys for him.
He sits frustrated.

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