Life With The Ex, Fourteen: The Beginning Of The End 2.

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I ran down the hall almost tripping, I was scared and afraid. I was too busy making a fuss that I left Nafisa with everything, she's not a strong person so she can't handle all this alone. I called her phone multiple times but she didn't pick up. I called Kabir to ask which hospital she is but it turns out she didn't even tell him. So I called Muhibba and asked her.

Muhibba says she is in the pediatric ward.

Immediately I got to the pediatric ward I saw Mansur seated outside a room, shaking his legs nervously. I couldn't see Nafisa.
A nurse comes out of the room and Mansur stands up abruptly.
"Are you the father?" The nurse asks him.

"No I am" I say walking towards them.

"Are you sure? Because the woman asked me to talk to this man here" the nurse says looking at me suspiciously.

"No he is. You should talk to him, I'll be inside" Mansur says before he walks inside the room.

"Well we have run the scans and everything seems fine. Right now we are only waiting for the blood tests but please make sure to keep the child away from anything cold for the meantime".

"So we are discharged?"

"No Sir. Not until we are certain of the child's illness"

"What do you mean by certain? So you know what it is?"

"We think so but that is why we are running the blood test to see if our theory is right. But please remain calm"

"Thank you, Doctor" I say before she nods and walks away.

I slowly open the door and see Nafisa seated beside the bed looking at Anisa.
She looks at me and then back at Anisa without saying a word.
I know she's angry but she's too worried to start a fight.

"How is she?" I ask glaring at Mansur who stood behind my wife.
"She's still not eating, her breathing hitches and she has a fever. So...she's not well. It looks serious"

"What happened?" I ask sitting on the other side of the bed.

"Well she started crying last night around 9pm. I woke up to check on her only to find her sweating profusely, her body was hot and her breathing wasn't normal. So...I called you multiple times and you didn't pick up so I called Mansur because his house is closer than anyone else's" she says sniffling.
"I'm sorry I should have been there".

"Right now I don't care what you say or anyone else. All I want is to go back home with my baby in my arms healthy and strong".
"I should report to the office. I'll come by later" Mansur says.
She turns around and smiles at him.
"Thank you so much. Unfortunately I can't attend the meeting. Amma I'll send you the papers if everything goes as planned".
"Come on. Ki tsaya da Anisa. I'll take care of everything" he walks out.

"I called Kabir earlier, he said you didn't tell him about Anisa"

"Well I thought it might just be a fever that's why but with the way the doctors are behaving I can tell it's something worse"
"Why don't you just go home and rest for a while?"

"No...Nah I can't leave my daughter here"

"But I'm here".

"When it comes to a baby the mother is the first person they always ask for so I'm not leaving her until we are being discharged".

"Okay. I know you haven't had breakfast yet so I'll go get you brunch" I say before walking out.


Luckily for me there is a restaurant beside the hospital so I got her the food and made my way back. But my luck immediately runs out when I met Kabir and Fatima in front of the maternity ward asking for directions.
"You're here" I say.
They turn around and look at me. Fatima looked worried however her brother looked like he would stab me.
"Where are they?" Fatima asks.
"Let me take you" i say walking ahead of them.

I open the door and Fatima runs in hugging Nafisa. Kabir slowly walked over to his sisters and hugs Nafisa after Fatima lets her go.
"How is she? What's wrong with my Niece?" Fatima asks worriedly.

"Unfortunately we don't know yet but I know it's not all" Nafisa replies back with a weak/forced smile.
"Don't worry she's going to be fine". Kabir says.

"Allah yasa" I say back.

Luckily I got enough food for at least 5people so they can all eat together if they so wish.
"Why don't you eat I want to talk to the doctor" I say.
She nods back.

I sat down in the doctors office fidgeting nervously while she goes through Anissa's medical file.

"So....what is wrong with her, Doctor?"

"We have both good news and bad news"

"What is it?"

"Unfortunately your daughter has Diphtheria but the good news is that it's at its early stage so there is still time left and a lot of treatments".

"Thank you but please what is Diphtheria?"

"It's an acute highly contagious bacterial disease causing inflammation of the mucous membranes, formation of false membrane in the throat that hinders breathing and swallowing and potentially fatal heart and nerve damage by a bacterial toxin in the blood"

"Innalillahi.....What.....What caused....the disease?"

"It is caused by Corynebacterium Diphtheriae"

"But....but what about the....the treatment?" I ask her stammering.

"It is now rare in developed countries because of immunization. But there isn't a treatment here in Nigeria, at least not one we are confident of. But I'll send you over a list of hospitals that give the proper treatments, Unfortunately that is not in Africa and the treatment sometimes takes years. If you'll agree you can choose the hospital you'd prefer from the list and we can make arrangements for your transfer immediately but it needs the signature of the mother as well"

"Uhmmmm........uhm...okay we'll be waiting for the list. Thank you" I walk out.
How the hell am I suppose to tell Nafisa that Anisa has Diphtheria? Especially explaining what it is. This is horrible.

After stalling for 3hours I finally went to the VIP room where we transferred Anisa. Kabir left but Fatima was still consoling Nafisa who was crying.
She stands up abruptly when I close the door.

"What did they say is wrong with her?"

I stay quiet but smile, I'm sure it looks fake. I don't know how to tell her.

Just then the door opens and Kabir walks in with 3 nylon bags in his hands.
"What's going on here? You all look so tensed up" he says.

"Ya Hashim is about to tell us what's wrong with Anisa"

"So?" Nafisa and Kabir say in unison.

"She.....she has Diphtheria".
"Wait. What?!" Nafisa says almost screaming.
She falls back on the couch and buries her face in her palms.

"What is that?" Fatima asks.
Kabir sits next to Nafisa, gently rubbing her back before he turns to Fatima "it's a contagious disease that hinders swallowing and breathing. It also hinders nerve damage and potential fatal heart"

"OMG!! What about the treatment?" Fatima asks.

" in Nigeria" Nafisa says still crying.

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Find a suitable hospital to transfer her" I reply back.



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