Life With The Ex, Two: The Wedding.

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You mean everything to me.
You mean the world to me.

You are everything to me.
You are the world to me.

I'm lost without you.
Life has no meaning without you.
Even if the world crumbles today.......
That's how I feel everyday without you.

Nafisa sat down next to Hashim laughing at his funny remarks.

She couldn't be happier. This was what she imagined since the first time she actually met him, this exact moment is a dream come true for her. Her family, friends and her future family and friends are all here. Although she knows this is the beginning of something new with new people she has to please and respect. But at this moment nothing mattered, she and Hashim were enjoying the MC's jokes and silly games he kept playing.

"Now amarya da ango, one of you should pick who would come out to represent the other". The MC says.

Before Nafisa could say a word Hashim talks first.
"My bride will be our representative" he says and keeps the mic. The place erupts in laughter by how fast he chose her.
She looks at him disbelievingly smiling.
He looks at her smiles, and then turns his head away.

     "Tohm amarya please come on stage" the MC says calling on her

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"Tohm amarya please come on stage" the MC says calling on her.
She slowly gets up and walks to the stage, walking majestically so she wouldn't trip and fall on her face.

"Tohm amarya we are going to have a little Q & A. We want to know how much you know your groom. We have some questions we asked about him earlier and we want to see if you'd get them right"

Kamillah hands her a microphone before going back to their table.
"Okay. Our first question is.......what is your grooms favorite color?"

"He doesn't have a favorite color" she says confidently.

"That's correct. The second question.....what is your grooms hobby?"

"Anything that doesn't leave him exhausted"

"That's also correct. The third question....what is your grooms favorite food?"

"He doesn't have any but he loves fried stuff like yam, plantain, potatoes"

"Incredibly right. And the last question.....what does he do that irritates you and that is why he does it?"

"Criticizing my cooking" she says and Hashim bursts out laughing.

He was internally excited and happy that she answered everything correctly. He was proud she knew him so well.

"And that's correct. Gaskiya it looks like our amarya knows her ango sosai fah. So those people who came here to gossip, they just proved there is no room in their relationship for negative comments". He pauses. "Now our ango it's your turn"
Hashim seats there looking at him confused.
"But our representative is already down there"

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