Life With The Ex, Eighteen: No More Hope.

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"Where are you going?" Kabir asks following me out of the room.

"I'm going back home".

"Just because of a message you're giving up on your wife and child?"

"It's not just a message. YOUR sister is pushing me away. She left me. What else do you expect me to do?"

"What if she was forced to write the letter? How are you sure she wasn't kidnapped?"

"Seriously? I have to get back home" I walk away.

    Since that day I've been staying at a hotel. Over a week now but I think it's time to go back home and look for my wife and child. I open the door to my house and BEHOLD!!


     Plastic cups, plates, toilet paper and a lot more trash.
I go deeper in the house and see Muhibba lying down wearing a shirt and shorts. Thankfully it looks like she's the only one here.

"Muhibba!" I call out her name.

"Yeah" she stands trying not to look me in the eyes.
"Why does my house look like a pig pen? What is going on?"

"I just had a few friends over"
"A few friends over? A few? What if they go out blabbering that you have lived with Nafisa and I? Do you know the kind of problem you'll put me in? Just know that if anything happens...I'm going to kick you out and then we'll see if you'll be able to invite those same FEW friends" I angrily say before I stormed upstairs.

      And like you imagined...word got out.
I was casually sitting on the patio of my house when someone starts knocking on my gate violently. I knew it was Kabir, he is here to murder me and make his dreams come true. The gateman opens the door but instead it's Zahraddeen and Bello that came in.

P.S: with murderous looks on their faces.

    They hovered over me. It's now that I realized how tall they are. I'm surprised Nafisa came out differently. All the guys in the house are very tall and slim in a muscular way. Fatima and the twins got that but Nafisa came out short, chubby and cute. But she Kabir and Zahraddeen look a lot alike. Bello looks like no one in particular while Fatima and the twins have common characteristics. But be rest assured I'm taller than these guys but not as tall as Kabir.

   I stand up.
"What do you think you're doing here?" I ask calmly.

"Wow! You really have guts don't you?" Bello asks.
Honestly, it's the first time I'm seeing Bello like this. He is usually very playful and he hardly gets angry. If I wasn't older than him and I was intimidated by him I would probably be shaking of fear, maybe.

   "You come into my house to talk trash?"

"Yes ofcourse it's your house....that's why you brought your ex to live with you and my sister. How heartless can you be?"

"You have no right to meddle in my business"

"YOUR BUSINESS!!! because of you Nafisa ran away from home. My parents are dying with worry of what might have happened with their daughter and grandchild while you bring a whore that can warm your bed every night?"

"Bello! Mind your words! I wouldn't want to break your jaw to keep your mouth shut or do I?"

"Do whatever you want to do to make yourself feel like a man. I haven't told Kabir or Ammi or Baba because Nafisa wouldn't have wanted me to tell them but just know if anything happens to Nafisa or's on you! And we'll never forgive you" Bello says before he walks away.

   Zahraddeen stands there looking at me. At first when he came in he looked like he would rip my head off but now the look on his face is just plain pity.
    "I thought you were someone worth looking up to. I'm not worried because I know unlike you Nafisa will do everything in her power to keep her and her daughter safe. But I don't blame you at all. Ammi once told me that 'the way you're raised determines who you are' I'm not insulting you or trying to disrespect you but maybe you should stop treating people as worthless as you are" he walks away leaving me stunned.


Am I?

I wasn't raised like a worthless child.

   Who am I kidding? My mother didn't even show up to my own wedding.....

I sit back down taking a gulp of my mineral water.


    Amir hasn't returned my calls or messages.
Nafisa was really being selfish when she left. She didn't think of how all this would affect me and now everyone thinks I'm a heartless bastard. Last week I went to a wedding and coincidentally saw Bello. He left the wedding immediately. Not that I care but he and I used to be very close but I guess family always comes first, if only my family understand that.

    Muhibba and I have been spending a lot more time together, she takes my mind off things completely, whenever I'm with her, I feel as if things will be better. I hope so.

   We are planning to go to Thailand next week, secretly.
I just really need time to think things through....

   Sorry for the short chapter but I had to write 3chapters today and here it is....

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