Life With The Ex, Six: Photoshoots.

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     She held Anisa jiggling a toy bell as the baby laughed.
"Nis...Nis...Nis..." She says jiggling it.

    Hashim comes in wearing his usual grey sweat pants and white shirt.
He comes over.
    "She loves laughing" he says holding her hand.
"Just like you"

She hands him the baby.
They both sit down.
    She logs into instagram.
"OMG!!" She screams.
    "What?!" He asks her.

"I actually never thought of it".

"Nafisa? thought of what?" He asks.

"Photo shoots. Zan dinga yin ma Anisa photo shoots" she says in a giddy tone.
    "Exposing my daughter? Nah. No way" he disgrees.
"They are for memories. And I want to do this"

"No way".
   "Look at it fah. It's cute" she says showing him a picture of a girl.

       "My child scrunching her face? What next is she going to do?"
"Please. Please. Please....."

"Nafisa I don't want my baby girl exposed" he says getting up and getting in.

     "Photo shoots? When did you think of that?" Rayana asked her.
They were both seated in Rayana's office.
     "Yeah. It's cute. I want to do it"

"And Hashim disagreed?" Rayana asks.
        "Yeah he did".
"And I am with him. You shouldn't expose your life like that".
        "It's only pictures of my baby girl"
"I know. You know how guys are very protective of their daughters. It's going to be very hard to convince him".
        "I know. I'm aware. Ugh!" She says.
"Don't complain. Maybe he might change his mind".

"I wish"

   Rahama comes in.
"So you left me designing while you are in here chatting your guts out?" She says sitting in the seating area in the office.
"I was tired. I was working all day" Nafisa says back.
     "The complainer" She says.
"Wai zata fara yiwa Anisa photoshoots" Rayana tells Rahama.
     "Yeah zai yi. The girl is super cute"

"Exactly. I said the same thing but Hashim won't agree. But every memory won't be etched in our heads"
    "But what would a picture change?" Rayana asks.

"Nima I never thought of it. Amma nasan Aminu won't agree too. Just keep begging him. He might change his mind" Rahama suggests.
    "Yeah I think so too"

"OMG! These women are crazy. Is this what marriage does to people?" Rayana says.


   Zahraddeen sat in front of Khadijah's house, in the car waiting for her.
They are going on a date and he came to pick her up.
   She comes out and knocks on the window.
He opens the door and she comes in.

"So where are we going?" She asks excitedly.

"Not far" He says back.

"Yeah better because my mum thinks I'm meeting some friends at Niimah's house"

"Don't worry Lawal is picking Niimah up too so she'll be your alibi" he says to her reassuringly.

"Okay then. But seriously where are we going?" She asks.

"Flavor Boutique" He says back with a smile.
"Honestly, I have never been there before although I heard about it".

"Lucky you then"..

    They got there and met Lawal and Niimah in the parking lot.
"Auwallu" He says tapping hands with his best friend.
    "You made reservations right? Because if you didn't we are about to be embarrassed, I hope you know it?" He asks Zahraddeen.

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