Legend of the Dark Knight: Ace Chemicals

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Only in Gotham, some randoms running down the street with a big Z carved into their chests

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Only in Gotham, some randoms running down the street with a big Z carved into their chests. Fireworks are set off, green gas falls on them. They of course are now dead...

Jim is on the two way, asking about reunification, and Walker. The man on the other end promises he will set it in motion. As Jim turns off the radio, Harvey is there. "Do ya believe him?" Harvey asked. "I don't know. Any word on Alfred?" Jim asked. "The kid is all over it. He has not rested for five days. To tell you the truth, I don't think the other crazy one has either." Harvey commented, about Joker.. "Jim, we have not looked here and here." Bruce said showing him on the map. "We will send out search parties Bruce, You and Tony go and rest." Jim said. "I will go there." Joker said pointing to one of the areas. "Oh that looks dangerous. I should go and protect him." Harley said putting her baseball bat over her shoulder she followed him giggling. "I am going to see if Rachel has seen Jade." Tony said walking away. Bruce heads off to rest..

Harper has found the men with the Z carved into them. Jim finds one of them with a tattoo. "Chess club, they are from the Narrows." Harvey said. "I need to go see Lee." Jim said leaving. Any excuse hey Jim...

Broody Bruce is walking. He finds a paper with the front page about his parents Murder. Hearing a noise he turns to see them. Bruce follows them down into the subway, then into a tunnel. Don't do it Bruce, don't go into the tunnel!!!!

Barbara has come to visit Lee at the hospital. She wants Lee to be her doctor. Now aint that sweet?? Ya know Barbara I do like your hot pink coat, do we think it will be a girl do we?? "Does Jim know you are here?" Lee asked. Jim enters the room. "Lee?" he said. "He does now." Barbara said. "Are you her doctor?" Jim asked. "No, yes, maybe." Lee said. "What do you want?" Lee asked. "He is interrupting, now blow." Barbara said. "Right then, you have your first appointment next week. First you have to talk to Jim." Lee said leaving them alone. "This is not about you Jim." Barbara said. "No it is about that baby, my baby." Jim said. "What you think I am an unfit mother?" Barbara asked. Jim looked away. Nice one Jim...

"Jade, I knew you would be here." Tony said to her giving her a hug. "What do ya want lover?" Jade asked with a giggle. "Help with Bruce. What else?" Tony said. "A kiss?" Jade asked smiling at him. He pecked her on the cheek. "Not what I was wanting, but it will do. Where is he now?" Jade asked. She of course knew, his feelings were running wild. "Who?" Tony asked her looking into her eyes. "Bruce, ya know, ya brother. Tony are you alright?" Jade asked. "Bruce he is in danger!" Tony said to her. "I know I can feel it. Come on." Jade said leaving the children she had been helping.

By now Bruce had followed his parents into a tunnel. He is at Wayne Manor, in the den. "Hello Champ." Alfred said to him. "Look at you all dusty. Come let us get you cleaned up. We have a guest tonight." Alfred said. "Hello Bruce." Jeremiah said sipping on his sherry. "Jeremiah. I thought you were dead." Bruce said checking him over. "Did you think you little girlfriend could kill me so easily?" Jeremiah asked. Actually did you notice that Jeremiah looks, well kind of different? Oh yeah, his hair has changed colour. To match Bruce and Tony's no doubt.. Bruce demands to know who these people are. Jeremiah replied that was obvious.. But he did bring extra cake? Meaning a big red bomb!!!!

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