FINN WOLFHARD X READER " why can't we just be friends? " " cause you're annoying ! "
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Beautifully Twisted - {A Jerome/Gotham Story} by Kaylakuy
Beautifully Twisted - {A Jerome/ Be A Freak... ❤️
Ana Wilson, a 17 year old girl living in Gotham, never thought that a trip to the circus would turn her whole life around.... A night of wonder ends in horror. The onl...
  • riddler
  • camrenbicondova
  • harveybullock
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Gotham Imagines ❤️ by Kaylakuy
Gotham Imagines ❤️by Be A Freak... ❤️
Welcome to the gloomy city of Gotham folks... (I take requests!) ❤️
  • penguin
  • oswaldcobblepot
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Gotham x Reader by omgeecat
Gotham x Readerby Caitlin
You find yourself living in Gotham City, funny thing is... nobody told you the city is taken over by a bunch of villains. Throughout this story you will face tough decis...
  • batman
  • gothamcity
  • thriller
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Batman social media by CrybabyLuLu
Batman social mediaby LucyBaby
If the Batman characters had social media!
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Fools ||Edward Nygma|| [1] by -JeromeValeska
Fools ||Edward Nygma|| [1]by -JeromeValeska
Charlotte Bateman was Edward Nygma's partner and best friend. She was in love with him, but he was already in love with another woman, Kristen Kringle. Working alongside...
  • edwardnygma
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  • dccomics
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Jerome Valeska //Jeremiah Valeska // One-shots  by PhoenixWolf15
Jerome Valeska //Jeremiah PhoenixWolf15
Imagines book for Jerome Valeska and Jeremiah Valeska. Requests are open. Jerome, Jeremiah and any other characters from Gotham all belong to the writers.
  • alfredpennyworth
  • selinakyle
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A Little Birdy Told Me (Bat Family) by CherryPieEvenings
A Little Birdy Told Me (Bat Family)by ☇Kyamyi☇
•COMPLETED •EDITING Batman and Catwoman obviously have chemistry -- even Alfred ships them. So what happens when they get busy and ten years later our favorite cat burgl...
  • batfamily
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  • gothamacademy
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Car Radio || Jeremiah Valeska by PurpleInsanity
Car Radio || Jeremiah Valeskaby Ms. Lovett
Set during (4×21)&(4×22) Ever had a bad day and want to turn on your radio? Take a seat as Harleen Quinzel comes into Gotham with no tunes to lighten the situation as sh...
  • quinzel
  • joker
  • dccomics
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Gotham: Bruce Wayne x reader by DJsprinkle
Gotham: Bruce Wayne x readerby DJsprinkle
I have fallen in love with the fox TV show gotham a couple of months ago. My favourite character is Bruce Wayne played by the amazing david mazouz and was looking for an...
  • davidmazouz
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  • xreader
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Goodbye Sanity, Hello Headlines by mikaylapast
Goodbye Sanity, Hello Headlinesby Mikayla
"Come on gorgeous, you didn't think I'd stay dead did you?" SEQUEL TO GOTHAM GAZETTE, DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THAT Turns out killing your dad...
  • brucewayne
  • penguin
  • selinakyle
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you ruined me. [JEROME VALESKA / OC] [GOTHAM SEASON 1&2]
  • brucewayne
  • ednygma
  • selinakyle
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Gotham Preferences by alicegradswe
Gotham Preferencesby Alicee
Preferences for your favorite Gotham characters! Including: Jim Gordon Oswald Copplepot Edward Nigma Jerome Valeska Bruce Wayne Tabitha Galavan And more!
  • catwoman
  • jimgordon
  • joker
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Gotham Preferences by jollytamale
Gotham Preferencesby Francisca
I do not own any characters or events, they are all characters of Gotham. - This is for fun, I'd love to take requests.
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  • jerome
  • jimgordan
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ᗷᑌTTEᖇᖴᒪIES➳ᐯOᒪTᑌᖇI by ClockworkMadness
ᗷᑌTTEᖇᖴᒪIES➳ᐯOᒪTᑌᖇIby •Laura•
The Denali Coven Withheld a Secret, A Vampire with the Gift of Creation, But can the Secret be Kept Hidden when Needed Most? Will this Butterfly learn to Fly??
  • scarecrow
  • jeromevaleska
  • jervistetch
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MELLIFLUOUS ➳ Bruce Wayne {Gotham} by fadedjustice
MELLIFLUOUS ➳ Bruce Wayne {Gotham}by ㉿
"I mean, the guy has to deal with one unstable orphan, and now two?" "They're more than just orphans...They're kids who still have so much to experience a...
  • selinakyle
  • jimgordon
  • jokerandbatman
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Gotham Quotes by _Bruce_Wayne_
Gotham Quotesby Вяυ¢є Ωαуиє
Quotes from Gotham! Season 1 - 4 Most of the characters
  • sofiafalcone
  • selinakyle
  • harvey
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WINE & CLAWS by whippingkinks
WINE & CLAWSby # needs wine
" bruce ,, keep your filthy hands off my wine ! "
  • catwoman
  • dc
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The cat and the bat by lovelivepeace1
The cat and the batby lovelivepeace1
BATCAT PREGNANCY. Bruce has turned into the person that his parents would be ashamed of. What happens when Selina sees the new bruce what will happen ....BATCAT PREGNAN...
  • pregnancy
  • gotham
  • batman
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Shades of teenagers by lovelivepeace1
Shades of teenagersby lovelivepeace1
Bruce and selina can't Handle this sexual tension any more so they decide to deal with it see what happens along the ride
  • cat
  • batman
  • mature
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