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Harley QuinnxFem!reader by _amethyst_trash_
Harley QuinnxFem!readerby _amethyst_trash_
Harleen Quinzel is a genius psychiatrist that only works with the worst of the worst,and turns out,you're one of them.You've been thrown into Arkham Asylum,despite not e...
Life Isn't So Simple With Her  by EmmaQuinn7
Life Isn't So Simple With Her by EmmaQuinn7
Harley Quinn/ Swan, is bubbly and psychotic, the fraternal twin sister of Bella Swan. Moving to Forks, Harley catches the eye of two certain vampires, will they be able...
Awful Thing  by _luvu4lyfe_
Awful Thing by _luvu4lyfe_
Hannah Ace Quinzel,is a very troubled kid, but also the daughter of Joker and Harley. At a young age she was sent away but she couldn't escape from her family. While li...
The Intern by _herdarkwitchways_
The Internby _herdarkwitchways_
Warden Sharp's daughter, Annie enrols as an intern at Arkham Asylum. She gets to know the prisoners well and enjoys her work. Meanwhile Joker gets Harley to disguise her...
Psycho Mikaelson by Multi-FandomBooks
Psycho Mikaelsonby MultiFandomWeirdo
Elijah starts to have visions, of a blonde girl he is curious and asks Freya to help, what happens when Elijah finds out he has a daughter, what do the Mikaelsons do whe...
Harley Quinn and Avengers|| MarvelxDC by aalexandrrova
Harley Quinn and Avengers|| Marvel...by aalexandrrova
After her mission in Suicide Squad was over, Harley became the crazy villain again and Batman had no other choice to lock her in Arkham Asylum. The Avengers and the worl...
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The Devils Favorite Demon by DJPiper
The Devils Favorite Demonby ‘Lil Lucifer
It's really hard to kill a demon, you need alot of holywater, maybe a devils trap and a spell, or a special knife. But when it comes to the princess of Hell, Satan's dau...
Her Demons by lobasass
Her Demonsby lobasass
Basically a story about Harley and Ivy being your moms💀
the curse of gotham city  by Cryb4byPat
the curse of gotham city by pat
Harley Quinn and Nightwing always had a certain tension but what if that kinda tension drives them to do something forbidden? Something morally wrong? Something that sho...
Code Blue ▹ The Joker by wavyonce
Code Blue ▹ The Jokerby ㅤ
❝i'm your physician, not your companion, mr. j.❞ [pre-suicide squad] spanish translation: @le-lena #villainsarepeopletoo
Batman: The Promise by SamuraiSevenTwo
Batman: The Promiseby SamuraiSevenTwo
What's left for Batman when he's finished all that's needed to be done? During the waning days of Batman's crusade, Bruce shares a tender moment with Harley Quinn, and i...
Pushed to Insanity by _live_and_die_
Pushed to Insanityby Frankie
This is a joker x OC book but if you want, you can change the name to whatever you want in your head, I do that sometimes. This book is also based around the new Joker f...
Out Of Limits: A mad love story by Ari_and_stories
Out Of Limits: A mad love storyby Ari_and_stories
After Jeremiah had turned Gotham into an isolated island from the world, a series of catastrophic events followed. The time has come back from saving the last survivors...
HarleyxJoker Short Stories by itzbambi825
HarleyxJoker Short Storiesby 🍂Bambi🍂
Short stories of Harley and Joker I think of myself, inspiration from other fanfics/movies/comics and more. If you would like to make suggestions feel free to comment or...
Regrets  (Harley and Joker Fanficton) by derangedjoker
Regrets (Harley and Joker Fanfict...by Autumn and Faith 🃏
Harley and Joker have what Joker calls an "accident" child. Joker, at first, thought it was a terrible mistake but then he decided that he could raise her to c...
Soulmates by deuxlerry
Soulmatesby ✨
Started: 15.03.2021 Ended: Batman and Joker are the legendary archenemies. But what happens when their children Damian and Lucy fall in love? Lucy and her Uncle Frankie...
you were born the joker's daughter but you were taken away from him bye bat man and you never remembered the joker but the only memories you had was one necklace that ha...
Caged Bird (Book 2: Renegade) by Shadow_Lothcat
Caged Bird (Book 2: Renegade)by Lothcat
After Dick Grayson left his family and friends for their betrayal, he stumbles upon a new friend. Unfortunately a certain black and orange douche is already tracking th...