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🌃{Gotham Imagines}🌃 by Kaylakuy
🌃{Gotham Imagines}🌃by We All Float Down Here.. 🎈
Welcome to the gloomy city of Gotham folks... 🦇😼👮🎩🌂👑🐧♦️❓🌃
THE ARKHAM INTERVIEWS #1 by VanishingLlama
THE ARKHAM INTERVIEWS #1by Vanishing Llama
This is Doctor Hugo strange and these interviews are the private property of Arkham asylum and are not meant for the public eye. [A message to all Arkham therapists invo...
🖤Batman Villains One-shots🖤 [REQUEST OPEN] by FoulsPerfectionWorld
🖤Batman Villains One-shots🖤 [ FoulsPerfectionWorld
This book will be full of one shots about Batman Villains ! Will include -Joker -Harley Quinn -Scarecrown -Two face/Harvey Dent -Peinguin -Poison Ivy -Catwoman -Bane ...
Young Justice: Assault on Arkham City by Goldenboi70
Young Justice: Assault on Arkham Goldenboi70
Gotham Cities grand opening of Arkham City, a mega prison built on the ruins of Gotham Cities abandoned Island. A city wide blackout and a ship spotted above the city ca...
The Silent Treatment (Victor Zsasz x Reader) by TheZsasz
The Silent Treatment (Victor TheZsasz
You were one of Hugo Strange's last creations, last monsters. You remembered your past life, everything, how you died. Your abilities have left you with no physical alte...
forever mine: Joker And Harley Quinn Fanfiction by puddinxharls
forever mine: Joker And Harley harley and joker
The nervous and young harleen begins a new chapter in her life in Gotham after a heartbreaking breakup with her ex-boyfriend. She starts working in Arkham Asylum which b...
The End of the Knights by CBLOfficial
The End of the Knightsby Cat and Books are Life
"You're a thorn in our side." "And a pain in the neck!" Batman and Y/N are both called to deal with trouble. Little do they know, they've bitten off...
Gotham // B.W. by 0804writer
Gotham // 0804writer
Clara is the daughter to Blake Williams. Blake is Jim Gordon's sister and when Blake commits suicide and leaves a note to take care of her, Jim and his fiancé Barbara Ke...
Dreamer (Unlikely friendship, unhealthy relationship, OC) by Fairfolksy
Dreamer (Unlikely friendship, Call me Fair
It's all a dream. So what's it matter that she's in an asylum? Or who sees her as an opportunity? It's not like any of this is real... (First time trying this, cover ima...
The Heart Of The Assassin by IzzyDavenport
The Heart Of The Assassinby Isobel Nicholls
After several encounters with the world's deadliest assassin, Willow Brooke wasn't entirely convinced that he was an altogether bad person. However, the stronger her fee...
Gotham (Season 2) by Bats75
Gotham (Season 2)by Batsy
This is a continuation of my Gotham (Season 1) story. Check it out or not. Personally I think season 2 is way better. Yes. Jerome will be in this story. I own Micky Jone...
No Good Man In Gotham by bookqueen23
No Good Man In Gothamby The divergent shadow hunter e...
"That's how it starts, sir. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel." Ian Isley has dedicated his entire life to helping...
Dread by DerColaris
Dreadby Colaris
A simple conversation among professors.// Jonathan Crane, Hugo Strange
paradox (fanfic) by Kittycobblepot
paradox (fanfic)by Kittykatlove
honestly time in Arkham asylum is pretty much boring and especially with the new warden running this joint. but all in all this is my story of love, hate, betrayal, and...
An Army of Peculiar (Gotham/Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children AU) by Phantomzone08
An Army of Peculiar (Gotham/Miss Phantomzone088
Humans never cared for those who were different, they called them "freaks." Though, they were simply Peculiar. But what Human, Wight, or Hollowgast should know...
No Place for a Hero by TheSelkieSea
No Place for a Heroby TheSelkieSea
(Sequel to Time Flies by When You're in a Madhouse) After a bad car crash Emily is back in the Gotham and it's not long before she is thrown into Arkham City.Here she m...
<diagnosis>  [nygmobblepot fic] by riddl3methis
[nygmobblepot fic]by Riddl3methis
Oswald has been transported to Arkham Asylum for extreme therapy. Hugo strange is going to "fix" him, well that's what He told Edward, a special therapy docto...
Everything She Saw by ScarletAngel1776
Everything She Sawby Alexis Wondra
Amber Connery watched as Jonathan Crane slowly descended into madness. She watched as Gotham turned from a crime-ridden city into a home for the insane. She watched as w...
BATMAN 3 by batwriter89
BATMAN 3by batwriter89
As with BATMAN RETURNS, I wasn't a fan of the way they continued the story of Batman in BATMAN FOREVER, and I especially didn't like what they did with Robin. I've never...
Lego Batman, Joker, Robin and the other characters in the real world by KylaNelson
Lego Batman, Joker, Robin and Kyla Nelson
Hi, I'm Kyla. Join my friends and I as we try to get the Lego Batman movie characters back where they came from. What will happen? Will love bloom? Or will hate bring us...