A Dark Knight: Pieces of a Broken Mirror

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Jim is visiting a very reputable establishment that Harvey would visit

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Jim is visiting a very reputable establishment that Harvey would visit. In other words the whore house. So cool Jim. Ya get cooler every day. He asked the Madam if she has seen this man. "She miles at him. "He requested Tallulah, and Pip especially." She replied. Jim turns to look at the women. They smile and blow him a kiss. Don't think Jim likes big girls. But Jim ya gotta give it to em, they are working it and doin it well. Now that is a whole lotta woman, I like it. Jim gives the woman his card. "Tell him to call me when he calls again Please." Jim said she smiles at him... Don't know what ya missing out on Jimbo..

Three randoms go into an old shop. "Used to be a Chinese bloke here. He skipped town." One of them said. "Ewe what is that dude?" the girl asked. "Don't touch it, ya might wake it." she said. "You said there were drugs here?" the other one said. "What the??" The girl said as It awoke. No not It Pennywise the clown, wrong show. It as in the new and improved, so they say. Ivy!!! "Oh no man ya just woke it up!" The girl said.. Ivy is that you? Ivy??

At a cafe in the Narrows, Alfred and Tony sit at the bar. "Who]s the stiff in the suit?" A man at the table asked the waitress. "No one, leave em alone." She said walking off. "Hey I know you. Aint you one of those Wayne boys? I know the younger one." He said. "Settle Master Tony." Alfred said moving to cover his view. "You must be his manservant then." The man said. "Thank you miss. Keep the change." Alfred said smiling at her. "Yes thank you Miss." Tony said walking out with Alfred. The three men at the bar watched them leave, then they followed.

Lee is in one of her buildings giving her people a pip talk. An older man is at the back of the room playing with a toy plane. What is he up to??

"Hello, what's ya name?" The boy asked. "Ivy... Her name is Ivy." Ivy replied. She then took hold of his throat and nicked it with her fingernail. The boy went down in a heap,he then turned green. Ivy? Nasty! We are going to tell Harleen on ya..

The three men from the bar follow Alfred. "Where ya going Lord Fuddy-duddy." They said to them. "No I am not a lord, that is reserved for the older brother." Tony said with a laugh. "Oh and it is Lord Fauntleroy." Alfred said. "What?" The men asked. Tony repeated it and named the author. "Whatever, Money, Watch Jewelry." The man demanded. "Absolutely not." Alfred said. Tony punched him. Alfred got his mates. Jim bails them up. Hey Alfred want us to tell ya where he has been?? "Why are you two down in this part of town?" Jim asked. "Well that is a long story aint it." Alfred said. Jim was at the whore house Alfred. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Lee is still prattling on about uniting the Narrows. The little man at the back of the room sets off the airplane. Cool! Turns out it is a bomb. Some random sends it flying out of the window, it then explodes! Right under where Jim and Alfred with Tony are talking!!

Super Jim to the rescue, with of course Tony and Alfred. As Lee and Ed leave via the back door, Ivy appears from the shop at the bottom of the building. Hey Ivy, looking a little ragging right now. Go see Harleen, she has been out looking for ya...

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