Heroes Rise: Light the Wick

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Now we left Ezra standing with Jade and Selina

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Now we left Ezra standing with Jade and Selina. They have been pushed out the window, by evil 5 & 6. Ezra stands with the loaf cat, and loaf wolf from Lothal. He has his hands out over Selina and Jade. "I could not save Kanan, but I will save you." Ezra said. He waves his hand over them. "May the force be with you both." Ezra whispers. He crouches down and touches Jade on the forehead. "I give you all that I can Jade Quinzel. You are a true Jedi." he said standing. The wolf licked at Jade, the cat at Selina. The cats from the ally surrounded them. One of them wrapped himself around Ezra leg and purred at him. "Thank you." Ezra said leaving the girls he force jumped back up to the window and returned to the tv. The tv then went fuzzy and turned to snow. No more Star Wars Rebels. Oh my god what is going to become of Selina and Jade???

At Arkum Barnes is being transferred to another facility. He is chained up in his straight jacket. "Guilty Guilty Guilty!" He chants on the way to the transport van. Jervis Tetch watches with glee. Then the masked assassin form The Court arrives. What does he want with Barnes?? I don't know but I bet the bitch Kathryn is behind it!

"Captain Barnes we meet at last." Kathryn said. Oh My God she smiled!! "I am a fan." She said. "Who are you?" Barnes asked. "That is of no consequence." She replied. "What do you want?" Barnes asked. "The same as you, for Gotham to be judged." Kathryn said. "I have an old friend who would like to meet with you." Kathryn said smiling again, wow twice in one take!! OMG!!! Strange again. "This will not hurt me a bit." He said smiling at Barnes with his cool pink glasses. I must say Barnes has cool contacts too.

Lee has bailed up Harvey. She is out to get Jim. Says his Uncle was a Murder. She has the report. Harvey avoids the hole thing. "You are in it with him Harvey!" Lee said walking away. When is he not Lee??

Court are having a meeting. Jim is at this one. Kathryn is on about some list. What list? Why a list? Who is it for??

Ivy, Harley and Joker, have come to the club looking for Selina and Jade. Joker eyes up Tabatha, she does the same to him. "What do you Treo of clowns want?" Tabatha asked. "Selina Kyle, and Jade Quinzel." Joker said with a smile. Well the smile did not go to his eyes. "Samantha is out. She might know." Tabatha said being smart. "Don't look at Harley." Ivy said. "What?" Tabatha said bringing her eyes back Ivy. "Don't look at Harley. She is with the Joke over there." Ivy said. "I can see that. Try Gotham general." Tabatha said. "Why?" Harley said grabbing Tabatha's hand. Tabatha pulled her hand away. "I heard they fell out a window." Tabatha said. "Impossible." Ivy said. Joker growled looking at Tabatha. "Come Ivy we have to go to them." Harley said running from the club with her. Joker stood a little longer glaring at Tabatha. "Try it. I bite." Tabatha said. "So do I, but I am rabid." Joker said laughing as he left the club.

Jim is in getting DNA samples from Kathryn's mask. He is sprung by some random Owl. "What are you doing?" He asked. "I wanted to know what the list was all about. But she has gone." Jim said. "The list is for loved ones to be saved." Owl boy said. Well now we know thanks Jim.

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