Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions

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Hi Guys back again, holidays were great

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Hi Guys back again, holidays were great. Good to be back!

Kathryn and her friends are all standing around the round table. They all have their Owl Masks on. Kinda cool. They have a weapon to destroy Gotham. Why??? Oh they need to cleanse it. "Now we must have a unanimous vote." Kathryn said Ya know I think she looks better with the Mask on. Ha Ha Ha. Oh look it is Uncle Frank! He don't seem to happy about it all. But they get their vote, they all have feathers, so cool not! "We have all voted. Gotham Must Fall!" Kathryn said. Ya know I think she is enjoying this.

In the snowy peaks Tony and Bruce are sleeping in separate cells. The door opens to Bruce's cell. He stands. "I want to be taken to the person in charge." He said. "I am he." The old man said. "Did the Court of Owls have me brought here?" Bruce asked. "Why yes." He replied. "They will miss me in Gotham." Bruce said holding his  head up high. "That has been taken care of." The man said. "My clone?" Bruce asked. "Yes." The man said. "Alfred will see through him." Bruce said. "We will see. Until then rest eat. You and your brother's training will commence soon." He said to Bruce. "Where is Tony?" Bruce called. "He is safe." The man said.

He went to Tony's cell. "Do you have questions too?" The old man asked Tony. "I am not my brother. Don't ever mistake me for him. I am nothing like him." Tony said. "Yes that we can see my boy. Here is your food. Eat and be strong. You will begin training soon." The man said. "I am sure I will." Tony said turning from the man. The old man chuckled to himself. How different the two boys were.

Jim and Harvey are hard at work. But Jim is hard at work on his own project. His father's death. "Michael Ness he killed my father. I found some information on him. I was going to ask Lee about." Jim said. They talk some more. It turns out that the drunk driver that killed his father, could not have been drunk! Oh shit Jim, who ya gonna call? I know the Court of Owls??

Ivy is pushing Penguin around in a wheelchair. "So that is the tour." Ivy said. "What's with all the plants?" Penguin asked wrinkling his nose. "Their my friends." Ivy said. "Really?" Penguin asked Joker. "Yes, she may be a little odd. A lot odd, but Harley loves her." Joker siad watching the two girls as they chatted away. "Well I think it smells like rotting corpse in here." Penguin said. "Yes it does have a certain Oder." Joker said with a laugh. "Are you hungry? I bet that is the problem." Ivy said going to the kitchen. "I am not hungry, I want to go and build an Army!" Penguin said. "I could help?" Joker said. "I think not! I need you to go to see Gabe." Penguin said. "I work for no man, come Harley before I do something I will regret." Joker said walking away. "OK, Mr J. See ya around Ivy. You." Harley said before she bounced out of the house with Joker. "I could go for you." Ivy said going to him. "Yes freak girl, go tell Gabe to come." Penguin said. He was getting angry with her. He wanted to take the Riddler down and he wanted to do it like yesterday.

Uncle Frank meets with Jim at his father's grave. They talk in riddles about his father's death. Jim sees Lee at Mario's grave. Don't do it Jim, don't do it! But he does, he has to go and say sorry. Big mistake Jim! You sometimes are clueless Jim!

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