Mad City: Burn the Witch

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Bruce and Tony have been sat at a huge boardroom table

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Bruce and Tony have been sat at a huge boardroom table. They have the hoods removed. Woman with the Owl mask again. Bruce is for once sitting with his mouth open. Tony not so much. He is ferrel now, not at owl lady. But at Bruce! She takes her mask off. Na put it back on ya look so much cooler then. "I have seen you at Wayne Enterprises." Bruce said. "No kidding bright spark." Tony said angry now. "My name is Kathryn. I represent our group." She said. "So happy for you. Now Bruce was the one that wanted the meeting, not me. Let me go." Tony said. "Not possible." Kathryn said. "Now I need to know what you know about us?" Kathryn asked. "Not a great deal lady." Tony said. "Tony!" Bruce said. "You were bluffing. Nicely played." Kathryn said. "I don't think so." Tony said glaring at Bruce. Bruce offers up Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne name. "It still stands for Love and Life." Bruce said. Not full of yourself are ya Bruce? "You can not offer something to someone who already has it Bruce." Kathryn said. "See Bruce you are just a head on a stick." Tony said. "A very big stick. Now we will have no more of this investigation into anything to do with Wayne Enterprises." Kathryn said. Well demanded. Like they were children. Which they are! "So Brother are you going to sit back, and take a back seat. While the board who are all qualified to run the company. Drive it?" Tony asked. Bruce hesitated. Tony nodded at him. He would make a deal with Lucifer himself if he thought he was going to get out of this alive. "Alright." Bruce said. "Good. We will not meet again. Goodbye Bruce, Tony." Kathryn said. Tony watched Bruce get knocked out. "Why not me?" Tony asked. "I needed to have a word with you." Kathryn said. "Yeah about what? Bruce give in to your demands." Tony said. "You don't think he should have?" Kathryn asked. "Not for me to decide." Tony said. "I will cut to the chase. I know you sneak out at night. You fight crime. Petty crime." She said. "So would you like to employ me or something?" Tony asked. "No. I just wanted you to know that I know what you do after hours." Kathryn said. "Well now we are all clear. I guess it is time for me to go night night too?" Tony said. Kathryn smiled at him. You always were a difficult baby. You were not content to sit on the lounge when I come to visit. You would always have to sit on my lap." She said to him. "I am happy you have such vivid memories of me. But I do not have them of you." Tony said. "No of course. Goodbye Tony." Kathryn said.

Valarie Vale is knocking on Jim's door. Ya can't have him ya witch. He is Barbara's. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. Go for it girl. You are hot! Jim talks with her. She wants to know if he will help her. She will get him the money for Fish, if he can find her? "So you lost your informant?" Jim said. "Kinda." Valarie said. "So who is it then?" Jim asked. "A couple of street kids." Valarie said. "Let me guess one in leather goes by the name of Cat. One in well ripped jeans blue wool blend Jacket, goes by the name of Kitten?" Jim asked. Valarie smiled. Yeah she knows them alright don't ya girl. "So do you know where they hang?" Valarie asked. "No, but I do know someone who might." Jim said. Who Jim, Penguin, Barbara, Jackson, oh no sorry he went down the drain.

It was Barbara! I knew it! "Barbara." Jim said. "Is that all I get?" She said smiling at him. "Hello Daddy." Rachel said running to him to say hello. "Rachel, good to see you again." Jim said like she was Harvey. "Daddy?" Valarie asked her eyebrows raised. "Yes he did have a life before you dear." Barbara said. Valarie scoffs. "What happened to Lee. You remember her don't you Jim?" Barbara asked. "Yeah you have to remember the black haired demon." Rachel said. Valarie laughed. "I like this one Daddy." Rachel whispered to him. "We aren't dating." Valarie said. "Sure you aren't." Rachel said. "So Jim what is it you wanted?" Barbara asked. "Do you know where Selina and Jade are?" Jim asked. "I know why do you want them?" Samantha asked. "Another one?" Valarie asked. "He aint my Dad." Samantha said. Valarie laughed again. "I want a kiss." Barbara said. "Oh yes a kiss for the info Daddy." Rachel said. Jim kissed Rachel on the cheek. "Good enough. Try the old bank on Kane." Barbara said. She laughed as Jim left the club with Valerie. Once outside she ditched him. Bugger hey Jim. Karma's a real Bitch aint it!

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