Rise of the Villains: By Fire

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Butch is sitting in Theo's Penthouse

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Butch is sitting in Theo's Penthouse. His arm with his missing hand is sitting with blood covered bandages. "He called me a traitor, went right off." Butch said. "How did you get away?" Tabatha asked. "I ran." Butch said. "Well Butch, I really have all the two handed Hench men I need." Theo said. "I don't know I think he is kinda cute. Like a sad bear." Tabatha said. "He held me hostage once. In my own house. Said some nasty things to me." Barbara said. "Sorry, part of the business." Butch said. "Hey we could put things on his stump. Like a mallet." Tabatha said with glee. "Or a knife, or a tiny chainsaw." Barbara said laughing. Guess ya got a job then Butch. Ha ha ha.

There is a man running for his life. I would run too if Jim and the Task force were after me. Jim roughs the man up. He is a firebug. He tells Jim that he aint never heard of a girl firebug. That he said is bad luck. Is it?

"Now ya did it." Jade said to Bridget. "Sorry." Bridget said. "Have ya never heard of sleeping in." Selina said. "Ah hello Joe, Cal and Evan?" Taylor said with a sigh. "Oh yeah we forget." Jade said. Bridget was cleaning up. "We need to get you two girls out of town." Selina said. "I know I have been thinking about it for a while." Taylor said. "But ya need money right?" Jade said. "You got it girl." Taylor said. "How we going to get it?" Bridget asked. "I know of a place, freaky stuff goes on there." Selina said. "Yeah we could go and rob it!" Jade said clapping her hands. "It is so good to see you have not changed Jade." Taylor said laughing.

There is a huge underground sex ring. There are girls all packed into cages, half naked. They are being led down the catwalk. By chains around their necks. Nice! Jade Selina, Taylor who is more than a little angry now. And Bridget are watching from the small window above. "Freaky shit right?" Selina said. "Makes me angry." Taylor said. "So ya won't mind taking from them then." Jade said with a giggle. "No a single tear for them." Taylor replied. Selina told them the plan. All were set for the takeover. Girls in their suits ready to fire up. Selina and Jade slipped into the air con vent. They landed on the cage where the girls were being held. Selina jumped the man on the gate. Bridget and Taylor run in from the back door. The man that held Jade by the scruff of the neck let her go. She kicked at him. "Perve." She called him. "Put all of your cash in the bag." Selina said handing them the bag. "Or what. I aint scared of you love." One man said. Bridget fired up over his head, Taylor on the other side. Men started to empty their wallets. "I'll give ya $500 for the little one." A man called to Jade. "Really?" Jade said her eyes alight. "Kitten!" Selina yelled at her. "Sorry Cat." Jade mumbled. "Come on, let's get out of here." Taylor yelled. "Ya know ya are all a bunch of Pervs." Selina yelled at them as the girls run from the building. Outside they gathered for a second. "Wow." Bridget said. "What a rush." Taylor said. "I know right." Selina said. Jade clapped. The girls run. Once they got back to the hideout, and all went calm again. "We should go back." Bridget said. "Yeah let the girls out." Taylor said. Selina and Jade just sat watching them. What girls do ya not want to get them too?

Jim is in Barnes office. He is being taken down for his roughing up of a prisoner. Ya know the bloke in the ally. Then he shows Jim the security footage they have. "We know who the firebugs are. But we are not sure who the other two are." Barnes said. "I do." Jim said with a sigh. Jade and Selina strike again Jim? Ha ha.

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