Rise of the Villains: Strike Force

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The Penguin is having a meeting

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The Penguin is having a meeting. Well it was supposed to be a meeting. The table is full, there is squabbling all around. Penguin nods to Jackson. He fires a gun into the ceiling. Everyone stops and looks at Pengie. "Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others. You all mean to tell me that no one knows who orchestrated the Arkum breakout?" He asked. No one spoke. Jade put up her hand. "What do you want now?" Penguin asked. "I think it could be Theo Galavan." Jade said. "Why?" Penguin asked. "Just a feeling." Jade said. "No one else?" Penguin asked. Still silence. "We thought it was you." One brave soul said. "What release that Ginger manic on to the streets? I think not." Penguin said. "Question is do we want to live like this?" Jackson asked. "Exactly. This City is ours now." Penguin said. "You are the King!" Jade said clapping. "Yes so let's not let this chaos continue. So if you want to blackmail, Murder, mame, Kill or steal anything. You are to report to me first." Penguin said walking back and forth. Jade clapped again. Meanwhile Butch was watching Tabatha Galavan enter the room. "Now go." Penguin said. They all left the room. "Bravo." Tabatha said. "Who might you be?" Pengie asked. "My brother would very much like to see you, alone." She said looking at Butch and the others. "What are you looking at me for?" Butch said arking up at her. "I think he likes her." Jade said to Selina. She smiled. "So you are again?" Penguin asked again. "Tabatha Galavan, I have a car waiting." She said. "Now she is one hot lady." Selina said. "Yep she sure is. I bet she is deadly too." Jackson said with a smile. "So why don't you chase her around. Ya know then ya can leave Harleen alone." Jade said laughing. "I don't think she likes me that much." Jackson said. "Who? Harleen or Tabatha?" Selina asked laughing with Jade.

At the GCPD, Jim is arguing with some random. Chaos rains in the GCPD. A chair breaks. A man is standing there he is a stocky man, no hair. "I am Nathaniel Barnes. Captain Nathaniel Barnes. Ten Hut" He said to them. Oh shit he is their new boss! Sounds like a hard arse. Turns out he is. He gives a big speech about the GCPD being 200 years old. He fires seven men. Bugger. Then he calls Jim into his office. Jim is standing to attention. He is a military man! Barnes likes him. Makes him his second in command. Jim is a happy man. Unlike Harvey.

Jade and Selina have caught up with Harleen and Ivy. They are watching the television. Jane Caufield is running for Mayor. Mayor James is still missing. It is said he ran off with his mistress. But we know where he is. In Tabatha's Dungeon! "She sounds kinda cool." Jade said. "I'd vote for her." Selina said. "If ya could vote that is." Harleen said. "Yes if I could vote." Selina said. "I think I would too." Ivy said. "Why?" Harleen asked. "Because she is a nice lady who thinks about the trees." Ivy said with a grin. "Well if I could vote, I would vote for her too." Harleen said. "Well she might just be the next Mayor." Selina said finishing her drink.

"Oswald, welcome." Theo said. "Penguin Please Mr Galavan." Penguin said. "Well Penguin you must call me Theo." He said. Penguin nodded. At that moment Barbara entered the room. She went and kissed Tabatha. "You two have met?" Theo asked. "Yes." Barbara said. "Oh my. The Arkum breakout, The GCPD massacre, Jerome. They were all you?" Penguin asked. Jade was right he thought to himself. He might have to start taking more notice of her. Na maybe not! He thought. He smiled at Theo. "Guilty." Theo said. "You know you are not the King of Gotham. You are the King of shit!" Tabatha said. Barbara laughed. "A year ago I was Fish Mooney's umbrella boy. She is now dead at my hand. Maroni is Dead. Don Falcone is in hiding. I now have all of their properties, and businesses. You know why that is?" Pengie said. No one spoke. "That is because they underestimated me. You should not do the same." Penguin said he was now getting a little hot under the collar. Cool dawn boy. "No I would never do that Mr Penguin." Theo said. He then babbles on about the founders 200 years ago. He then unveils his little scaled down model of Gotham. "But that is all housing for the low income people." Penguin said when he seen the new Gotham. "So." Tabatha said. Snob or what? Theo tells Penguin he wants him to destroy the old. Make way for the new. Penguin declines tells them that what they need is an assassin. "They are under A in the phone book. After all this is Gotham." Penguin said. Then Theo tells Penguin he should see Tabatha's reality show. He shows Mother in a cell. She is crying, she knows nothing! "Now I am going to run for Mayor. I want you to take out the two other candidates. Oh and take a pot shot at me. But of course miss." Theo said smiling.

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