Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do..

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Samantha is with Jim, at Barbara's

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Samantha is with Jim, at Barbara's. "Excuse me?" She asked Jim. He was talking to Falcone. "Will you pay for my school fees Please?" She asked him. "You know just until I can get my money from the grandparents." Samantha said. "Yes, yes of course. I was thinking you could come and stay with Lee and I?" Jim said. "No thanks. I will be fine. Thank you." Samantha said leaving him on the balcony.

In her room Selina sat curled up on the bed. "So is it all soughed?" She asked. "Yep. Lets go." Samantha said. "I will see you at school. Be good for him. After all he is ya Dad." Samantha said. "OK." Rachel said tears in her eyes. "Don't be a big girl. Mummy will be home soon enough." Samantha said. The girls hugged.  Selina went out the window, Samantha followed. "I love you Samantha." Rachel said.

The weeks have flown by. Jim is back in uniform. Lee is helping him fix his tie. Rachel is watching with a huge smile. "I love you Daddy. Even if you put Mummy in Arkum." Rachel said.

Harvey is no longer with the GCPD. He is now in a bar. Hope it's his?

Penguin has taken control of Gotham. He is ruling with Victor Zsasz as his hitman. Poor old Butch is still with him too.

Barbara has healed enough to be transferred to Arkum. As she arrives Jerome checks her out. She is too hot for you young Jerome.

"Here ya go."Selina said. She lead Samantha into the apartment. "Samantha, Selina. How are you two?" Holly asked. "Fine." Selina said. "Oh this is Nick, My brother." Holly said. "Nice to meet you girls. I will be home later. Lock the door." Nick said leaving Holly and the girls alone. "So he is cool if I stay?" Samantha asked. "Yep. He said you will have to work off ya board. Ya know. Cooking cleaning around the house. Stuff like that. He works nights at the bar. So we can so the work then." Holly said getting excited about Samantha staying with her. "Thank you two again. When Mum gets out of Arkum. I can go home again." Samantha said. "You will be fine here." Selina said. "Thanks again." Samantha said. "Don't thank her. I miss the girl company. I never see this girl much any more." Holly said with a laugh. "Sorry. Jade is becoming a handful." Selina said. "Remind me to thank her when I see her." Holly said laughing. "I will if I ever find her." Selina said. "You will have to track Jackson down." Samantha said. "I will." Selina said.

When Selina got back to the hideout Jade was still not there. Selina was now getting worried about her. She settled in and waited until the morning. I she had not turned up. She would have to go back to the warehouse. Jackson arrived a few moments later. "Have you seen Jade?" She asked him. "Yeah she was with .... Ah no I didn't see. Is she home yet?" Jackson said remembering he could not tell anyone about Tony. "If you know where she is and are not telling me. I will skin you alive." Selina said. "Stay cool Selina. She will be home in the morning." Jackson said laughing. He was crashing there until things settled. Then he was going to stay with his Uncle Butch. Jackson remembered him as Uncle Cyrus. The next morning Jade skipped into the hideout. "Where have you been! I have been so worried about you!" Selina said. "I was fine." Jade said. "What happened to you?" Selina asked. "The man in black that took me. Well I kicked at him. Got away. Run to Wayne Manor." Jade said with a smile. "I have been worrying about you all night long. And you spent the night with Tony?" Selina asked in shock. "Well yeah." Jade said. "You actually slept with Tony?" Selina said eyeing jade up. "We shared the same bed. But no mushy stuff. Yuck! Sena who do you think I am?" Jade said feeling hurt. "I'm sorry." Selina said hugging her. "Ah see I told you she would be home in the morning." Jackson said. "You took my bed didn't ya?" Jade asked giggling with him.

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