The Mask

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Ed is at the scene of the murder

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Ed is at the scene of the murder.  He is doing his job with a smile.  He is picking through the body.  "Ugh what a way to start the day." Harvey said.  "Good morning Detective." Ed said to Jim.  "Ed." Jim replied. "He was killed around midnight.  He was brought here.  Not been here long.  Rats are just starting to nibble on his ears.  The little buggers." Ed said.  "No I D?" Jim asked.  "Ah no, the black stuff is printers ink." Ed said with another smile.  "He looks like he belongs in an office." Jim said.  "Well then lets canvas the area." Harvey said with a sigh.  

An older rich bag is out and about.  She is yapping away on her phone.  She has the cutest little puppy in her arms. Nice big round broach too.  With a small sward through it.  Watch out, Penguin is on the loose.  He likes what he sees.  "I like your broach, can I have it?"He asked.  Where's ya manners Oswald?  "What?" She said in shock.  A peasant spoke to her.  "Oh I am so sorry.  Please?" Penguin asked as he took the broach.  Next time just give it to him ya silly old bag.  But then again, Penguin would not have so much fun then.  

Penguin has gone straight to Fish.  He has had the broach gift warped for her.  They talk.  Tempers are raised.  "Timothy this fool had your job.  Now look at him.  He has a seat at the table." Fish said.  Aint she just amazing.  She makes a big thing of opening his gift.  "I feel bad now.  I didn't get you anything." Fish said.  They talk some more about there being no bloodshed.  Then Fish stabs Penguin's hand.  She stabs it into the table.  With the little sward!  What a woman, not afraid to get her hands dirty.  She then pulls it out of his hand and licks the blood off the sward.  "Sweet." She said smileing at Fish.  Oh my lord she is just divine.  Oh sorry poor Pengie. "I see you are still holding a grudge." Penguin said.  "Well when I order some fool dead.  I expect him to stay that way." Fish said in anger.  I get it.  "Enjoy your time.  Remember things change." Fish said.  Poor Pengie.  

The big black car rolls up to Gotham Academy.  Samantha stands watching.  "Come on Brucey, you have to introduce me to all the pretty girls." Jackson said as he slipped out of the car.  "He don't know any." Tony said with a laugh.  "Why do I have to come back to school?" Bruce asked as he sat in the back of the car.  "Because it is fun and normal." Alfred said.  "Define normal?"Bruce aid.  "Anyone that is not you Brucey." Jackson said laughing.  "Get to school the lot of ya." Alfred said.  He watched them walk away.  "God help them." Alfred said with a smile.  He stood watching as Jackson made a play for a girl.  "Hello lovely lady.  Jackson Napier at your service.  This here is Tony.  He is my friend."Jackson said.  "Hello.  Samantha Kean.  You new?" Samantha said with a smile.  "To you yes.  So would you be so kind as to show us around?" Jackson asked with a smile.  "Come on." Samantha said.  She knew that was Tony Wayne.  He had not spoken to her in nine years of school. 

Jim interviewing Mother of Coleman Lawson.  He is the dead guy.  Mother said he had a job interview with some big time finance firm.  Looks like he checked out before he got there.  

Harvey in with Sarah.  Talking about how no one stood up for Jim.  You know when Victor Zsasz came a calling.  They talk about the other man with the missing thumb.  Harvey did a check of the hospitals.  No one came in missing a thumb.  Sara tells them to go look on the black market. 

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