The Balloonman

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  As Oswald gets off the bus

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  As Oswald gets off the bus.  He looks around.  He sees the deals, the theft, the total ciaos.  He smiles.  "Home." He said to himself.  Oswald Cobblepot was Gotham, borne and bread!

The latest news in on the tv.  "Ronald Danza.  Who has been ripping off the people for years.  Has finally been brought to justice." The reporter said.  Tony Wayne watched on with interest.  "Why ya watching that for?" Jackson asked.  "He thinks it will make him smart." Bruce said with no emotion.  "Well at least I have an interest ousted of this house." Tony said.  "Ha he got ya there Brucey." Jackson said with a chuckle.  "Shit look!" Tony said.  As they watched in horror.  A man with a balloon cart had attached a weather balloon to Tony Danza.  "Do ya think he will let us know about the rain?" Jackson asked laughing. 

Jim and Harvey are on the scene.  It is a balloon cart with a wobbly wheel.  "Why?" Jim asked.  "Who cares, he was a real bastard.  took a lot of peoples super funds." Harvey said.  You see Jim no one cares.  

Back at the GCPD.  Jim finally meets up with Bill Cranston.  He is one of the top brass.  He is also like Harvey.  He likes to beat his prisoners senseless.  He was even given an award for 20 years service.  Nice man inst he?  Jim don't think so.  

"Jim Gordon?" The man asked.  As Jim and Harvey were arguing over the case again.  "Yes." Jim said.  He looked up and there were his two girls.  "Davis Lamond from Juvenal Services.  You asked to see.  One Selina Kyle, and one Jade Quinzell." He said to Jim.  "Yes." Jim said.  "Please sign here for custody." Davis said.  He passed Jim the forms.  While Jim was still arguing with Harvey.  Selina moved in close to Harvey.  A smile on Jade's face.  "Please return them to Water Street.  They have closed the old office down." Davis said before he left them.  "What are we toys to be shared between offices?" Jade asked with a giggle.  "Who are these girls?  A little space please?" Harvey said as the got close to him.  Both girls stepped back with grins on their faces.  Jade giggled again.  Jim ignored the question from Jade.  "I'll be back in an hour." Jim said taking the girls with him.  Harvey was still arguing with Jim.  This time about closed cases.  

The girls are now in the ally with Jim.  "So why do you want to catch the killer so bad?" Selina asked.  "I want to see the man brought to justice." Jim replied.  "What did ya read that in a book?" Jade asked being smart.  "I made a promise to the boy." Jim said.  "Ya like him huh?" Selina said.  "He has been through something horrific.  He deserves justice." Jim said.  "Spoken like a true Detective." Jade said with a giggle.  "So talk me through what you seen?" Jim asked.  "Well the killer came from there.  He shot them there." Jade said.  "So when did you see him unmasked?" Jim asked.  "He pulled his hood down over his face.  Just before he entered the ally." Selina said.  "It was dark." Jim said.  "I can see in the dark." Selina said.  "Yeah she can real good." Jade said.  Jim looked at the two of them.  he thought he was being taken for a ride.  "I stole his wallet." Selina said.  "Ya did?" Jade said.  "Oh yeah she did." Jade said again.  Selina glared at Jade.  "I threw his wallet down there." Selina said pointing to the sewer.  Jim looked at the man hole.  "Come on then." He said to them.  He led them over to the stairs.  He handcuffed them.  "Not that I don't trust you or anything." Jim said.  "Looks like ya don't." Jade said.  Jim smiled and went down into the sewer.  He found a wallet.  "Well son of a bitch she was telling the truth." Jim said.  "Hi Detective.  Ya might need these again." Selina said dropping the cuffs down into the sewer.  Jade giggled As they run off.

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