Escaping From The Orphanage

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Two weeks before that

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Two weeks before that.

Mary dropped the girls and went straight around to the hospital. Sharon was in the delivery room. Mary paced the floor back and forth. There was another man in there walking back and forth too. "Is this your first?" Mary asked the man. "Yeah. Pretty scary." The man said. "She will be fine I have one." Mary said. "So you are here to?" He asked as he walked. "Support another friend. She came in earlier." Mary said. "Is it her first?" The man asked. "No, forth." Mary said. "What don't they know what is causing it?" The man said. Mary took a few seconds for the penny to drop. She laughed. "No I guess not." She said with a giggle. "Mr Pepper, you have a daughter. Would you like to come and see her and your wife?" The nurse asked. "A girl. We had a girl!" Mr Pepper said shaking Mary's hand. "Congratulations." Mary said with a smile. Then a thought hit her she smiled at the man. "I'm Mary by the way. What is your name again?" She asked. "Me, ah, Mario Pepper. Alice me wife has just had a girl." He said to Mary. "You go and see your girl Mr Pepper. Nice to meet you." Mary said. She smiled as she watched the brand new Daddy walk down the hall with the nurse.

"Are you Mary Kyle?" The nurse asked as she came into the delivery waiting room. "Yes?" Mary spun around to look at the nurse. "Your friend Sharon is good. She has a baby girl." Nurse said. "Oh wow another girl." Mary said. "Would you like to come and see them now?" She asked. "Of course." Mary said following the nurse down the hall to the maternity wing. There was baby Quinzel. She was wrapped up in a white hospital baby blanket. Her name was hanging over her head on a white sheet of paper stuck to the small cot. "Harleen Frances Quinzel." Mary muttered to herself. "Harleen Frances Pepper?" She mumbled again a smile forming on her face. The small pink bundle would never know she was not a true sister to the other one. Mary was sure of it. She had the blond hair and blue eyes. Mary's eyes searched for the Pepper's baby. "Pamela Ivy Pepper. Nice name. But we may have a problem." Mary muttered. The small pink bundle in a white blanket had tuff of red hair. Mary stood for a few minutes digesting that information. "Ah it could still work." Mary said to herself again. The nurse took her to see Sharon. Would you believe it, the Peppers were sharing a room with them. Mary smiled, it was a sign she just knew it was meant to be.

Two weeks later.

That night in the cover of darkness, Selina slipped out of her bed. She snuck quietly over to Jade's bed. "Kitten. Kitten." She whispered. Jade moved in her bed. With sleepy eyes she smiled up at Selina. "Is Mummy here Sena?" Jade asked in a whisper. "Not yet Kitten, bus soon. Now come we have to get you jacket." Selina said to her as she got Jade out of the bed. With her coat on, her bear in her arms. Her small bag with a change of clothes in her hand. They were ready to go. Selina slipped her bag around her shoulders. She made her way out of the dorm room. Brandy smiled as she watched them leave.

As they got to the bathroom block, Jade pulled at Selina. "I need to pee." She said. "Alright then, but be quiet." Selina said. "Here hold Nickoli he don't want to go." Jade said handing over her bear to Selina. She was in and out in a flash. "Did ya wash ya hands?" Selina asked. "Yes. Where's Nickoli?" Jade asked. "In ya bag. Now come." Selina said taking Jade's hand. Jade giggled. "Shh." Selina said holding up her finger to her mouth. Jade watched Selina, her eyes wide. When they got to the front door. Selina held her breath. She slipped the hairpin in the lock. She jiggled it. Then it clicked. Selina drew a breath. The door opened. Selina smiled as she opened the door.

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