Chapter 21

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Tony's POV

"You drove to Niagra Falls?" I exclaim. 

"C'mon I got us a room in the hotel above the Falls," Steve replies and pulls me towards the large building I'm assuming is the hotel. 


"Tony, we have dinner reservations for six o'clock," Steve calls to me. 

"I'm coming," I reply. I look at myself in the mirror and straighten my tie. I pull the sleeves back of my suit and look at the faded scars on my arms. I rub my arms, trying to forget the feeling, the slight itch that something was off, and that something was me. 
That Steve was planning this nice dinner to break up with me. My insecurities flood back in. 

No. I won't let it ruin this. 


In. Out. In. Out.

Slowly I calm down enough to push down the sleeves and walk out of the bathroom and meet Steve outside our hotel room. Steve takes my arm and leads me down the hall and to the elevator. 

"After you." He gestures for me to enter the elevator and I smirk slightly and walk in, Steve right behind me. 

"So gentlemanly," I tell him. 


Steve's POV

This is it. I'm going to propose to Tony tonight. 

"Hey, Steve, where'd you go?" Tony snaps his fingers across my face. I look at him. 

Now, do it now.

I get down on one knee pull out the ring I bought. Tony gasps, tears brimming in his eyes. 

"Tony, you changed my life when I met you. You are so smart and confident and willing to put others in front of your self. I know we've had some problems in the past, but I love you, problems and all and I will do anything to help you.  So, Anothny Edward Stark, will you marry me?" Tony gets down next to me and pulls me in for a kiss. 

"Yes, yes of course." He says against my lips, voice cracking. 

So, I know that was short.

And overdue.


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