Chapter 8 Part 2

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Steve's POV- 1 month later

It's been a month. Tony is ignoring all my calls and voicemails and texts. I've tried talking to him at school but he is ignoring me. Clint is obviously pissed at me, Bruce as well. I grab my phone off my bedside table and debate calling Tony again. Obviously he won't respond but I hit the call button any way. A click sounds and I hurriedly put my phone to my ear.

"Tony, oh my gosh I feel awful I-" I start

"Stop calling Tony. This is your first, last and only warning." Clint's voice rings in my ear and I slowly put the phone down. Clint hangs up. I try texting him, but he blocked my number. I fall back on my bed, tears streaming down my face.


"Hey, Tony did you hear about the new freshman transfers. Twins, I think. From Russia. They're arriving in a week." Clint reads the school newsletter off his phone. I'm barely listening. Clint blocked Steve for me about a month ago and I haven't heard from him since. I'm slowly getting better, though. Thor finally came back from wherever he was, bringing his idiot brother Loki with him. Me and Clint sit down at our lunch table and continue talking.

"Hello!" Thor walks up to me and Clint and sits next to me. 

"Hey Thor!" Clint says. 

"Hey man." I say, not as excited as Clint. 

"Are you two coming to the football game. I'm playing. So is Rhodey." Thor says, mentioning my friend. I nod slowly.

"I'll come. I haven't seen him play in forever." I say. Clint looks at me in surprise. I haven't participated in a school activity in two months. Not since That Day. 

"Really? I'll come too then I guess." Clint says, still looking surprised.

"Perfect. And, Loki's coming too, so be nice." Thor says. "He might prank everyone in this school but he is my brother." I nod, and Clint follows suit.

"Good." Thor stands up and walks to sit next to the football players. I scan the players, looking for Rhodey and my eyes meet Steve's. We hold eye contact for a minute before I stand up, startling Clint.

"Where are you going?" Clint asks, also standing up.

"The library, I remembered a test I have to study for. I'll see you in History." I wave to Clint and walk out of the cafeteria. I head to the library and see Bruce sitting at a table. I walk over to him and sit down.

"Hey Brucie, how you been?" I say.  Bruce looks up at me.

"I've been....good? What's gotten into you Tony?" He replies, confused.

"Nothing, I've been good." I say with a overly cheery smile. Bruce stares at me. "I can't get Steve out of my head. It's killing me. I thought I was over him." I sigh and put my head on the table.

"Oh, Tony." Bruce says. I raise my head and meet his eyes. Dark brown meets brown. Sympathy swirls in Bruce's eyes and I put my head back on the table.

"What is wrong with me? Bruce, what's wrong with me?" I ask, my voice muffled. 

"I don't know." 


"Hey, my name is Pietro, this is my sister Wanda. Nice to meet you." 

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