Chapter 4

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Steve's POV

Did I really ask him that? Did he really say yes? I walk slowly out of Tony's mansion. I pull out my phone to see a text from Bucky

Bucky: Steve? Should I pick you up?

Steve: Yes please.

Bucky: Where are you?

Steve: Tony's house

Bucky: When have you started calling him 'Tony'? And why are you at his house?

Steve: Since now, I guess. I'm not answering that.

Bucky: Ooooh, Steve, you like him!

Steve: What, no!

Bucky: Sure.

Steve: Just pick me up.

Bucky: Be there in two min

Do I like him? Do I? Am I even gay? Is he gay? This is to crazy. I thought I could just, well, hurry through high school without any of this happening. A silver car pulls up. The window rolls down and Bucky sticks his head out.

"Come on, punk! Get in you have some explaining!" Bucky yells. I sigh and walk to the passenger side of the car. "Ok, now tell me what happened after you left spin the bottle. In detail."

"Why Bucky why?" I whine, sounding like a five year old.

"Because Steve, I want to know."

"Fine. I went outside and Tony asked if I wanted to sit with him at lunc-"

"Oh, he clearly likes you. Continue." Bucky inturrupts, a smile on his face as we pull out of Tony's house. 

"Ok, so I agreed to it and then he went upstairs and I went to a living room and he went to his room, I slept, and I believe Tony passed out drunk. In the morning I went to look for him and he was hungover and-"

"Why did you go looking for him?" I glare at Bucky. "Nevermind, I'll stop now."

"And I kinda maybe asked him to a movie on Saturday?" I say, uncertain how Bucky will react.

"You do like him! I was right!!!!"Bucky exclaims happily. "What did he say?"

"Bucky focus on driving!" I cry, as the car swerves and we almost crash. 

"Sorry? So what did he say?" 


"YES! I CALLED IT! Hey, Steve can you get my phone from the and put Nat on?"

"Since when have you talked to Nat?"

"Since we bet how long it would take for you to ask Tony out." Bucky says, smirking.

"Buck!" I say, but grab his phone. I call Nat and put it on speaker.

"Nat, you owe me ten dollars." Bucky says and I hear a shriek of excitement.

"He did it! He asked Tony out!" Nat says excitedly, over the phone.


"Wait, wait, wait! What was your original bet?" I ask.

"I thought that you would ask Tony out, and Nat thought that Tony would ask you out." Bucky explains. I cross my arms and scowl. "Don't be mad Steve, it was just a silly bet." 

"I'm not mad." I say and Bucky side-eyes me. "I'm not that mad." I correct. 

"Well, I'd better go. Congrats Steve!" Nat says and hangs up. 

"So, Steve, what are you going to where?" Bucky asks and I sigh.

Hey guys! I know this chapter is a little shorter than my normal chapters but I hope you like it anyway! Steve and Tony's date will be in the next chapter. Please vote and comment for any ideas you have!!! XOXO Valkyrie

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