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Peter's POV-12 years later- Peter and Harley are 15
"Peter. Get up," 

"Hfnhebg." I mumble, face still mashed in the pillow.

"You're gonna be late. It's your first day," I raise my head off the pillow and look over at my pops. 

"Hey pops," I say and roll, literally roll out of bed.

"Get dressed, me and your dad made pancakes. Plus Harley's waiting for you." I nod and sluggishly walk to the bathroom. 

Let me clarify something. I have two dads. My pops is Steve Rogers and my dad is Tony Stark.
We live in a two story house, with a bedroom for both me and Harley, my twin, and a bedroom of pops and dad.

I comb back my hair and slip on a pair of jeans and my favorite science t-shirt 

"I'm here!" I sing as I slide into our kitchen on my socks.

"Peter!" The rest of my family sarcastically cheers. 

I jazz hands and take a seat at the island thing next to Harley. 

"So...pancakes?" I ask hopefully. Harley smiles a bit and looks hopefully up at our parents too.

"You do know you both are going into junior year, right?" Dad asks.

"So..." Harley responds.

"You're old enough to make your own pancakes." Pops finishes. 

"No!!!" Me and Harley groan. Pops slides a plate of pancakes to each of us and we dig in. 


"Hey, Harley, who'd you get for homeroom?" I ask. 

"Ugh, Mrs. Tobia." He groans. 

"Ha," I laugh, before looking at my own schedule. "Aww, I have her too."

"Karma bitch!" Harley taunts. 

"Oh, shut up." I grumble before turning into our school and pushing the front doors open. 

I start looking for my friends, Ned and MJ. 

"Peter! Harley!" I hear someone call. Me and Harley walk over to them.

"Sup losers." MJ says as we walk over to them. Ned waves.

"Hey, who'd you guys get for homeroom. Me and Peter are together with Mrs. Tobia." Harley asks.

"Mr. Ratana." Ned answers. MJ says she has the same. 

"Lucky." I moan. "I heard he brings donuts." MJ smirks at us, before the bell rings and we all have to rush to class.


"Hey, Peter!" MY other friend, Wade, comes up to me. 

"Hey Wade, how was your first day of senior year?"

"Don't remind me." He groans. I start laughing. He grins at me before we start our walk home together.

Most days I would walk home with Harley, but he has some club thing to go to, so on those days I  just walk home with Wade. 

I walk in the door and throw my bag on the couch. 

"Dad! Pops! I'm home!" I  call into the house. 

"Hey Peter!" I hear my pops shout back. They're probably busy with work and everything so I head to my room.

"How was school?" My pops materializes at my door.

"Good, I'm so happy to be home though, cus school is kinda boring." I say.

"Well, Harley texted, said he'd be back around 5, so if you finish your homework, me and Tony were thinking of going to a movie later tonight. 


Pops leaves my room and I get started on my homework. 

Harley finally comes home and I've finished my homework and we go to the movies. It's one of those moments, where time doesn't exist and you're just happy, with no worries or anything.

I love those moments with my family. 


It's done!! 

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