Chapter 17

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To clear up things, this is before Stony got back together, like two days before! Alright, continue! And enjoy!!!

Clint's POV

I'm so worried for Tony. He won't let anybody but Pepper sees him and she tells me he's hiding something. 

"Hey, Clint?" A soft voice comes from behind me. I turn around and see Pietro.

"Hey, Pietro, did you need anything?" I ask the sophomore. He looks down nervously then meets my eyes. His are a striking blue.

"Yeah, actually. I was wondering i-if you would g-go out w-with me?" Pietro asks. I stare him down. Pietro looks at his feet again, blushing. "You know what, you don't have to, it was just-"

"Yes," I say surprising myself. "Yes, I'll go out with you." I surprised him too. Pietro looks up quickly. He smiles in relief. 

"Here's my phone number, I'll pick you up Saturday at noon. 'Kay?" Pietro asks. His nervousness is gone, some cocky attitude that seems more natural is in its replacement. I grin at him, a real grin, not the fake ones I've been giving. I've been so worried for Tony, it'll be nice to have a distraction from it. Not that Pietro is a distraction. He's my crush asking me on a date. 

"Ok." Pietro turns and walks back to his twin sister Wanda. 

I pull out my phone and text Bruce. 

Clint: Hey Brucie

Bruce: Don't call me that

Clint: Fine.

Bruce: What'd you want to tell me?

Clint: Pietro asked me out!

Bruce: Really. He did.

Clint: He did! He came up to me and asked me out! 

Bruce: Congratulations

Clint: Thank you.

I want to tell Tony. Before all this happened he would be hounding me for details. Now, I don't want to make him feel worse. That I got a date and he is still hasn't got over Steve. 

I walk towards Nat's car because she said she'd drive me home. I think her and Steve broke up a couple days ago. Good for her, she doesn't deserve Steve. 

"Hey, Nat," I say. Nat's leaning against her car, wearing a jacket over her cheerleading uniform. 

"Hey, Clint, how are you?" She asks, walking around the car and opening the door and getting in. I mirror her and shut the door behind me.

"Good, I got a date," I say casually. Natasha turns and faces me, her eyes lighting up.

"You did! Who! Did they ask you? Did you ask them?" She hounds me the way Tony would have.

"Pietro, and he asked me out. I got his phone number." I say, grinning at her. She smiles and throws her arms around me. 

"Oh, I'm so happy for you!" She cries, then saddens. "Tony would be so happy for you." 

Nobody but Pepper has seen or heard from Tony in forever. All of us are so worried about him. Pepper says that he's doing fine, just acting really different, but she says that it's normal he's gone through a lot.

"He would," I reply. 

"Well, I'll drive you home and we can pick out an outfit for you, one that will blow Pietro away," Natasha says, smiling, but it doesn't reach her eyes.

"Thank you so much, Nat," I say, then remember, "How are you, after you broke up with Steve?" I ask. She glances at me.

"I'm good, I never really liked him anyway. I don't know why I dated him. He asked me, then we stayed together for some reason. Steve clearly still likes Tony, I have no clue why he was dating me, there was a perfectly good man waiting for him." Nat replies, and I know that's all she'll say. Nat doesn't like to talk about her feelings. Like at all. "Anyway, it doesn't do good to dwell on the past, you'll lose sight of the future. Tell me about Pietro." She says, changing the subject. 

"He's really nice and funny and..." I keep talking for the remainder of the drive and I can tell that Nat is glad for the distraction. We pull up and both get out and Nat asks questions and I answer.

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