Chapter 6

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Steve's POV

Tony stands on his tiptoes and puts his lips to mine. I stand still before putting my hand around his waist and pulling him closer.

"For someone who's never done this before, you are very good at it," Tony whispers against my lips. I smile. 

Tony pulls away and gets down on one knee.

"Tony? What are you do-" I start.

"Steven Grant Rogers, would you do me the honor of becoming my boyfriend?" Tony asks. 

"How do you know my middle name?" 

"That is definitely not important. Will you be my boyfriend?" 

"Yes, Tony, definitely."


"Happy three month anniversary Tony," I whisper in my boyfriend's ear.

"Right back at you." 

"What should we do for our anniversary?"

"We should go to the movies! Then something nice, but our first date was the movies." Tony suggests, grinning at me. I nod and we head out. I grab his hand and lace his fingers with mine.


"Hey! Steve!" A voice calls me as I refill mine and Tony's popcorn. I turn my head and see a familiar figure walking towards me.

"Bucky! I haven't seen you around, how are you?" I say, smiling. I haven't seen my best friend in forever. 

"I've been good, are you here with anyone?" Bucky asks. Should I tell him? Does he approve? I haven't seen him in so long, should I lie about me and Tony?

"No, I'm not." I lie. I haven't lied to Bucky in. . .ever. 

"Good, there's something I've been meaning to do," Bucky says huskily. What does he me-

Bucky walks toward me and kisses me on the lips.

"Steve?" A voice says behind me. Shoot. I pull away from the kiss quickly and see Tony watching me. "I came down to see where you are."

"No wait, Tony, I can explain-"

"Let me." Tony's voice hardens. "You didn't even like me. This whole thing was just a hoax so you could get out with Bucky. I can't believe I trusted you. I can't believe I liked you." Tony's voice cracks and he runs out, tears falling down his face.

"Seriously Bucky! Why would you do this!"

"I-I didn't know you liked him!" 

"Like him? He's my freaking boyfriend!" 

"bOyFrIeNd!1!1! yOu HaVe A bOyFrIeNd!1! yOu CoUlD hAvE mEnTiOnEd YoU hAvE a BoYfRiEnD!1!1!1" Bucky yells. I feel my face getting hot. I growl at him, then storm off. 

{EDIT} So I've gotten some questions about how Bucky bet on Steve and didn't know that Steve and Tony were dating, here's the explanation: So Bucky bet on Steve, but when Tony and Steve started dating, Bucky felt like a third wheel and went to Nat. Slowly, he began to develop feelings for Steve, but was too afraid to do anything. Since Tony and Steve weren't very big about their relationship, Bucky didn't think that they were still together, so he decided to kiss Steve. Also, Steve and Bucky weren't talking as much. I hope this helps

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