Chapter 7

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Tony's POV

I can't believe I fell for him. The dirty lying cheating-

"Tony! We're home!" Maria Stark calls. I run downstairs and meet her and Dad at the door. 

"Mom, dad, it's good to see you." I nod at my father.

"Anthony." My hasn't called me Tony in a long time.

"Are you staying long?" I ask, following my parents into the kitchen.

"No sweetheart, we are getting fresh clothes, then heading to a business meeting in New York City." My mom answers.


"I'm sorry, I would love to stay longer, but I can't." My mom apologizes. I nod and walk back up to my room. 

A couple minutes later my phone starts ringing. I pick it up and look at the caller address. 


No I can't talk to him. He betrayed my freaking trust. With freaking Bucky.  I wonder how long         he's been cheating on me. I wonder why he even went with me on the date if he didn't even love me.

My phone buzzes again. I look at it and see a voicemail and four missed calls. 

I play the voicemail after some thought.

"Hey Tons. I'm so sorry about before, I didn't mean an-" I turn the voicemail off. Liar. 

I can't believe I fell for him.

Steve's POV  

What have I done?

This chapter is so short. I didn't know what else I wanted to do. Loki and Thor will be in the next couple chapter as well as Hawksilver. If you have any ideas for anything feel free to DM me. I wanna say thanks for all the reads, you should vote and share and comment! XOXO Valkyrie

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