Chapter 14

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Wow that last chapter was sad (I meant Ch 13, not endgame, THOUGH ENDGAME RIPPED MY HEART OUT)

Ok, back to the story.

Tony's POV

I've tried calling him. He won't pick up. 

I haven't left my room in two weeks. 

Not since he left. 

No. Not since I left. 

Pepper and Bruce and Clint bring food, and news. 

They told me Steve is dating Natasha Romanov now. 

My life if falling apart.

Maybe it would be better if I just died. 

Nobody would care, anyway.

The only person I ever loved, doesn't love me back.

Wow. That was my shortest chapter ever. 

I promise it will get better. This is just like a filler chapter.

I'm finally finished with finals, and I can hopefully update more often!!

Happy holidays!!!

XOXO Valkyrie 

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