Chapter 15

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Tony's POV

I stand over my bathroom sink, breathing hard. Blood runs down my arms and my hands shake. I turn over my wrists and stare at the long cuts running up and down my arms. 

I run the tap water and slowly wash the blood off my arms. The water runs pink until it slowly fades back into white. I stand up straight and make my way back to my room. I pull my sleeves over the scars and scabs on my arms and lay back down.

Not doing anything. Just...staring. 

My life isn't worth anything anymore. 

Steve's POV

Tony hasn't been to school since he left me in the room. For the two weeks, after he left, I tried calling him, but he never picked up. 

One week later, I gave up. Tony just...disappeared. I tried talking to his friends but they didn't say anything about him, only looked sadly at me and walked away.  

I got together with Nat. She is kinda pissed at me, but I told her I tried and he wouldn't listen. She forgave me, and we went out a couple of times. 

I don't like her like that, but Natasha isn't someone you mess with.

Pepper's POV

Something's wrong with Tony.

More wrong than before. 

He started only wearing long sleeves, and he wouldn't let me near him to see if he had a fever, or if he was doing ok.

I've tried asking Clint and Bruce, but they have no idea. 

I need to get Steve to talk to Tony. Steve's the only one who can help him.

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