Chapter 12

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Tony's POV

"Why didn't I do more, why didn't I try harder?" I cry to myself. 

A knock sounds at my door. I lift my head. 

"Yes?" I say.

"Tony, you sound awful." A familiar voice says.

"Pepper? What are you doing here?" I ask. I haven't seen Pepper since she broke up with me.

"I'm sorry Tony, I heard about Steve. I wanted to make sure you were ok." She says, gently. I roll out of bed and open the door. 

"How'd you get in?" I ask.

"You left the door open." She says and takes a cautious step into my room. 

I follow her gaze around my room. 

My room is chaotic. There are strewn bits of metal and tools all over my room. My favorite books are on my bed and my bedside table and some are bookmarked. Yeah, so what, I read more than one book at a time, I like books, it's not a problem. 

"Hey, Tony, I just want to say I'm really sorry about Steve. Is there anything I can do?" She asks. 

"N-no, I'm fine." I stammer. I haven't been this near to Pepper, in like six, seven months. 

"Ok, well, I just came here to wonder if maybe we could try being friends?" At my surprised look, she hurriedly continued talking. "We don't have to but, I thought, maybe, you would, maybe, want a friend. I know it's stupid. I'll just go now." She says and makes to walk out but I put a hand on her shoulder.

"Sure. I do need a friend." I say quietly. She turns around hugs me. I wrap my arms around her and lean into the hug like it's the last time I will hug anyone. 

Steve's POV 

"Steve, I'm so sorry, I know I messed up something special with you and Tony, if you can ever forgive me-well, I wouldn't even forgive myself, so you probably won't either."

"Steve, please, respond. Please, I won't be like that anymore."

"Steve, please respond, I miss you."

"Steve, please."

"I'm sorry."

I listen to Bucky's voicemails over and over. 

He told me he bet on me and Tony, then kisses me. Why, why would he do this to me. He was right, I did have something special with Tony.

Then he freaking ruined it for me. 

But Tony doesn't want me anymore.

And it hurts. 

But I'll deal with it. And I'll get through it.

Tony's POV

"Thank you, Pepper," I say, pulling away from the hug. "I really needed this." 

"Have you tried calling him?" She suggests lightly. I shake my head.

"It'll probably just go to voicemail," I sigh. 

"Please, Tony, just so you can say you tried. So you aren't giving up." She wheedles. I sigh and grab my phone and click his number. 

It rings for a bit before the automated voice says "Please leave your voicemail at the sound of the tone." Pepper gives me a pointed look and I leave a voicemail.

"Hey, Steve, it's me, Tony. I'm so sorry for running out. I really like you and I was wondering if you could ever forgive me. I feel horrible." I say. A tear runs down my face, and I wipe it away quickly. "But I-I miss y-you. A-a lot." I stutter, then blush. I hang up and sit on the floor. Tears fall down my face.

"Oh, Tony, I'm sorry. I just wanted to help." She says and sits on the floor next to me.

"I know, and you tried. And thank you for trying." I say. 

"I have to go, my parents want me back, but if you ever, ever, need anything, text me and I will come." Pepper stands up and walks out my door. 

Steve's POV

My phone rings. I pull it out and check to see who's calling.

It's Tony.

My fingers stray toward the answer button but I pull them back. 

I let the call ring out, and a couple minutes later, I see he's left a voicemail. 

I click it.

"Hey, Steve, it's me, Tony. I'm so sorry for running out. I really like you and I was wondering if you could ever forgive me. I feel horrible." He stops talking, and I think it's over. "But I-I miss y-you. A-a lot.

Ok, I cried while writing this, it broke my heart. 

Or I'm just really sensitive and don't like seeing my babies getting hurt.

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