Chapter 20

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Tony's POV

I breathe out a sigh of relief. I finally finished college and it's like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

Steve's waiting for me as Bruce and I exit Harvard for the final time. Steve wraps his arms around me, smiling. He's still in college, trying to finish his college degree.

Steve grabs my hand and waves goodbye to Bruce. I wave too, then follow Steve to his car. I swear I saw Bruce smirking at me before I got into Steve's car.

"Where are we going?" I ask him.

"You'll see." Is all my boyfriend says. He smiles and grabs my hand. "Congratulations." 

"Thanks, baby. How soon till you graduate?" I reply.

"Not long. I still need about 40 credits, then I'm done." Steve says. I grin happily at him, and he smirks back.

"So do you wanna tell me where we are going?" I ask, repeating my question.

"No. It's a surprise. But it's a six-hour drive, so you might wanna sleep." Steve says. Six-hours! That's crazy! I voice my thought to Steve and all he does is smile and hand me his iPod. At least I get to pick music. 


"Tony. Tony, wake up, we are here." Steve shakes me gently and I stretch my arms and stumble out of the car. 

"Where are we?" I ask, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

"Look around." 

I do and hear the rushing of water, and follow the sound to see huge, roaring, waterfalls.

"Oh my gosh. This is Niagra Falls."

Wow, so dramatic.

I know, I'm so talented.

I'm sorry this was so short, the next chapter will be longer!

I hope you're getting excited, the ending is coming up!!!!


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