Bonus Halloween Oneshot!!!

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Happy Halloween!!!!!! This in no way is related to the current story, but it's Halloween, it's my favorite holiday, and I wanna do a oneshot for it. I might make Stony happen but it all depends on how the story goes. OMG also my apostrophe key and my quote button thing isnt working.

 OMG also my apostrophe key and my quote button thing isnt working

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Nat and Steves face makeup is pictured above.

In this oneshot, it's at the Avengers Tower, Peter has come over to decorate for Halloween and Tony and Steve have liked each other for a long time. ENJOY!

Peter's POV

"Happy Halloween!¨ I cry as I run into Stark Tower. Steve and Nat turn towards me. Steve has his face painted to look like a skeleton. Nat on the other hand went all out and painted a zipper unzipped on her face, revealing painted red skin. 

¨Hey Peter, how was school?¨ Steve asks.

¨It was good! The teachers passed out candy, and we had a party in my English class!¨ I say excitedly. Steve smiles at me and Nat walks over.

¨Nat, that is terrifying.¨ I say. She grins and I involuntarily take a step back. 

¨Naaat.¨ I whine and she gets closer.

¨Boo.¨ She whispers in my ear. I shriek, and run off. Nat chases me as Im laughing.

Steves POV

I watch as Nat chases Peter through the living room. I smile, and Tony comes up to me, holding a cup of coffee. 

¨Hows Peter?¨ He asks. I point to Peter who is jumping over chairs and tables. Tony starts laughing. Peter shoots out his webs and sticks to the ceiling. He must have heard Tonys laugh because his head turns back towards me. 

¨Hey Mr. Stark!¨ He waves and falls off the ceiling. Peter lands on the sofa. ¨Umph¨ He grunts as the air is knocked out of him. 

¨PETER! WHAT THE FRICK!¨ Tony calls, then takes a sip of his coffee. 

¨Im okay." He says. Nat holds out her hand and Peter grabs it. Nat pulls Peter off the sofa and they walk back over to me and Tony.

¨Were sane.¨ Peter says. I nod.

¨I can tell.¨ Tony says. 

¨Can Nat paint my face?¨ Peter asks excitedly. Nat nods and they walk out of the living room/kitchen. I hear Peter firing off his ideas. I laugh to myself and hear Tony doing the same.

¨Is Peter going trick or treating?¨ I ask Tony. 

¨He says that he is to old to dress up and ask for free candy, so he is going to buy a bag of candy and watch horror movies with Natasha.¨ Tony says. 

¨What are you doing, since Clint went back to his family for Thanksgiving, and apparently Halloween, Thor is in Asgard, with Bruce I think, and the twins went with Clint. Its just me, you and Nat and Peter.¨ I say. Tony turns and looks at me.

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