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Hello everyone!
So, I am starting with this Short Story..
Disclaimer:- The story is not to hurt anyone's nationalistic sentiments.
This is an experiment and a platform where my feelings after the Pulwama attack are shared.
Continuation of movie URI.
Your support is required.
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30 September 2016 and on...

The strike went successful. All were happy. But the loss of his one and only best friend, he made in his entire life, with whom he grew up, took scoldings, came into the profession and learnt to live a life was unbearable for him.

Vihaan had never thought that he would ever live a life without Karan.
He knew, being a soldier, personal life is the last thing to be considered but the way Karan died was the most painful part for him. He remembered the last time he hugged him and tears rolled down from his eyes. He was trying hard to handle his emotions but often failed. Here, Neha was in an emotional mess. She knew that lives of her brother and husband were always at a risk, but this soon, she never expected. And the most hurting part was that he left without seeing his unborned child. He didn't even wait for his child.

Health of their mother Bharti, kept deteriorating. Vihaan was tensed. He got many responsibilities on his shoulders. He now had to look after his sister,his niece and his mother. He had to support them morally but he was himself emotionally weak at that point of time. He resumed his desk job but now life was full of depression.
The only thing which made him smile now was viewing old childhood pics of him, Karan and his sisters.

Due to this breaking situation in her pregnancy, Neha undergone a lot of Mental overriding. She used to behave odd sometimes or would get panic attacks. It was very much tough for Vihaan to look after his unsettling peace with 12 hours of desk job and then family. And the small 10 days old kid was the major responsibility in the house. The day Karan died, Neha had her delivery 2 days later.(21 September)

At this point of time,
He needed support too. He was missing his younger sister very much.
Every night, he used to carress her photograph and then sleep. How badly he wanted her to come home back. 5 years, and she was in the place where she was following her passion. The RND Academy was India's best academy where she was from past 5 years on 95% scholarship.
Vihaan remembers, how he and Neha stood for her to get admissioned in the academy. Though his heart screamed in pain as the conditions of the Institute were strange.
1. No mobile phones.

2. No meetings of parents and relatives allowed.

3. Letters were to be taken to the trainee from the official computers in the library. The letter had two parts, one for the institute purpose and other which was the main content. It was only opened with identification of eyes of trainee.

4. There was no Television in the entire university. The students remained unknown of what's happening out so that they can concentrate on their Academics 100%.
In this time span, the family hadn't kept any contact with her. Only because they didn't want to disturb her.
One day sitting in his room, he opened his gmail account and after a lot of thought and being convinced he started typing this mail:-

RND Academy
A letter for Ragini Shergill
Batch code:- 123409786AG
Type of letter:- Urgency.

Dear Ragini,
It's your brother, Vihaan! Remember?
Of course you should know me ! Afterall, There were only two superheroes in your life. One me and other Karan. However, unfortunately your other hero has resigned off that position .
Last time we were talking about you only. You became Maasi once again.. But the dilemma has really affected her. She often gets panic attacks.
Maa got stage 6 Alzheimer and her stage is worsening. We didn't tell you before so that you don't take any tension but now we need you Ragini!

Your brother cannot take this any more. I am feeling useless now. The desk job is an unrest for me. My place is on border but now neither I am helping my family nor my mother country. I am feeling helpless.
Your brother needs your support now.

The loss of Karan is something unexpected for me and I was not ready for it!
In these 5 years, I have written to you for the first time but I want you to return now my doll! I hope you will understand my situation. After all you are my sweetheart!
Now as Major Shergill,
I want you in Delhi within a week by hook or crook.I know your semester has still 2 months to get over but I can't wait now...And that's my order.
You don't worry about your training..I'll get you trained by the RAW officer itself. You just come back home.
Yours dearly

And he keeps his laptop aside by clicking the send button. He rubs his eyes and takes a big sigh.

Raavi enters into the room to find her buddy in a pool of disappointment. She goes towards him and Pats on his shoulder.
He opens his eyes to look at the innocent girl standing in front of him then smiles and takes her into his embrace.

"Mamu you called Maasi!?"

"How do you know?"

"Maa had told me many times that when you used to be in any problem, Maasi's support was enough for you!"

"Your Maasi was born as a fairy for us!"



"I'm so excited to meet her....I was so small when she left!"

"And I am very desperate to meet her! I hope she is all fine!"

"Major Vihaan she is your sister, even danger would be scared of her!!"

"Hahahaha! True...!"
He thinks:-
"Raavi, I never knew you were this strong. You are just 8 but handling everyone...! I am surprised!"

And he makes her sleep near him caressing her hairs. Then goes out to give a check on Neha who was sleeping half laying on the couch and her eyes were welled up.
He picks her and then leaves her in her room. Caresses her head and goes towards his Maa's room where he finds her in deep sleep. Just smiles a lil without disturbing her and he too sleeps waiting for the next day but a ray of light was expected.

So, how was it?

It is not a love story but there are pairs...:- Vihaan and Pallavi
Laksh and Ragini

The main plot will be in more focus..However, there may be some family moments.

Its a short story.
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