Rajveer Naina Some Love Stories Never End... by Mrumi_Rajveer
Rajveer Naina Some Love Stories Mrumi
This is a very simple story with no twists and turns, no missions, no vamps, no secrets, a simple love story. Love between friends, Love between teacher and his students...
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WINGS OF FIRE by raphiaetarart
WINGS OF FIREby raphiae
An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari All credit goes to respected author.... If there is any typing mistake........please let me know
  • quotes
  • rocket
  • india
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How to Love by theflyingoswin
How to Loveby Allison
"How to Love" is a love story based on 'The Patriot' where the main character Almyra Martin, daughter of Benjamin Martin, is captured by Colonel William Taving...
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My Poetry Collection by RDCASTILLO22
My Poetry Collectionby Aina Castillo
A collection of poems filled with love, faith, passion, patriotism and friendship.
  • faith
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My Dear Pakistan  by Sidra_Akhlaq
My Dear Pakistan by Sidra Akhlaq
(Requires editing) After spending 11 years of her life in London... Aiman , a born Pakistani, becomes a fashion and a party freak, as well as a spoiled brat of her famil...
  • adventure
  • pakistan
  • humour
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CENTURY is the only place which is cultivable and resourceful and is protected by 12 warriors known as THE ZODIAC WARRIORS . The 12 warriors are with 12 different powers...
  • betrayal
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afghan de by madridisimo
afghan deby shirin kuchak
کجا میروی؟ بیا چای بخوریم kuja mere? bya chai bekhorem. os tu cherta zei, chai na chikai?
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Legionnaire Of The Emperor by jzh_imperium
Legionnaire Of The Emperorby Dreagveakrajzh
[SUMMARY] This is a Sci-Fi based story. About a soldier set in a futuristic war-torn world fighting for his empire, in ancient times their are FOUR nations; The JźH Emp...
  • drama
  • scifi
  • militaristic
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SHIVIKA- Warriors are not born,  They are made in the Indian army... by Believing_In_Fate
SHIVIKA- Warriors are not born, Believing_In_Fate
Warriors are not born, They are made in the Indian army...✔
  • sacrifice
  • shivaay
  • marriage
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Angels Of Almighty  by 007rossy
Angels Of Almighty by rossy 007
This story revolves around two beautiful creation of world profession. true soldier and true doctor. they both save life. how will be their journey if they get along?? w...
  • patriotism
  • help
  • calamity
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Battle of good and evil by ashpat3
Battle of good and evilby ashpat3
Theme : The story is about fighting with evil in the society and bring a light to humanity. Summary : Pragya who is journalist brings out all the issues happening aroun...
  • faith
  • good
  • ambition
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Glimpses by suvachana
Glimpsesby suvachana
poems and prose in the spirit of the land and its people
  • spiritual
  • indian-independence
  • hindu
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Anthem (Book One) by DknLegend
Anthem (Book One)by David Kibutu
"He looked to the sky, wandering about the epic irony there was to his life, and to the victors of the war, and to his feeling of confusion through the winter blaze...
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The Pilot (Short Story) by Lbql123
The Pilot (Short Story)by Lbql123
In World War II Jean Marc is an english pilot of french descent. Entrusted with a deadly mission to stop a nuclear bomb, can he become the hero he dreamed of becoming?
  • missions
  • action
  • military
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Not Just a Flag; Not Just an Anthem by 12HarryPotter12
Not Just a Flag; Not Just an Anthemby 12HarryPotter12
{This is a persuasive writing piece I did for my English class. My mom told me to post it. Feel free to read, and leave a comment if you'd like. Just warning you, I am n...
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STILL I STAND (Wattys2018 Poem / Poetry Applicant) by uri_esposito
STILL I STAND (Wattys2018 Poem / uri_esposito
Still I Stand (shorter and original version):- Inspired by Maya Angelou's great poem 'Still I Rise', which my poem pales in comparison to. She truly was a Gift fro...
  • courage
  • light
  • odds
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THE FIGHT by deckie2580
THE FIGHTby deckie2580
This is a story about a government official who tries to betray his country to terrorists but is stopped just in time
  • patriotism
  • derick
  • army
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The Other Side Of Smile by Ajay-Kumar
The Other Side Of Smileby Ajay Kumar
"The Other side of Smile" Is a collection of poems on various ​aspects of life, about social problems, psychological conflicts, politics, tragedies, all of whi...
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The Right Wing Alliance by Slenderboy530
The Right Wing Allianceby Ryan Gonering
The year is 2023 The New Soviet Republic has taken over the United States changing the way of life for many Americans throughout the country, The U.S. government had sur...
  • conservative
  • antifa
  • patriotism
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