Battle of good and evil by ashpat3
Battle of good and evilby ashpat3
Theme : The story is about fighting with evil in the society and bring a light to humanity. Summary : Pragya who is journalist brings out all the issues happening aroun...
  • sritijha
  • ambition
  • kumkumbhagya
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Live Love Heal by aidahqirat
Live Love Healby voldemort
"Let's see what the problem is please remove your shirt." I instructed the patient sitting on the couch before me. "So soon Doc? I feel like we should get...
  • muslimstory
  • misunderstanding
  • officer
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CENTURY is the only place which is cultivable and resourceful and is protected by 12 warriors known as THE ZODIAC WARRIORS . The 12 warriors are with 12 different powers...
  • cancer
  • super
  • leo
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A Hero's Love Story (ON HOLD) by praju2797
A Hero's Love Story (ON HOLD)by Praju
This Story is basically a love story of a raw agent who has been sent on a mission he is asked to convince and train a girl for their mission ....It shows how the rough...
  • swara
  • mission
  • patriotism
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A short biography of KALAM sir ! Best rank : #153 in short story on 3 may ,2018 #185 in short story on April 21 , 2018 #4 in patriotism on 24 , April , 2018 Feeli...
  • india
  • random
  • president
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The Other Side Of Smile by Ajay-Kumar
The Other Side Of Smileby Ajay Kumar
"The Other side of Smile" Is a collection of poems on various ​aspects of life, about social problems, psychological conflicts, politics, tragedies, all of whi...
  • patriotism
  • problems
  • india
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sjd's poems by sjd_write
sjd's poemsby sjd_write
A collection of poems that I have written. Enjoy, vote and comment! 🖋
  • stand-up
  • wattys2018
  • stopthehate
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#217 IN SHORT STORY - 25/02/2017 #254 IN SHORT STORY - 21/02/2017 #285 IN SHORT STORY - 20/02/2017 It's a story about A person who chooses Duty over Love. How the things...
  • death
  • wattys2017
  • marriage
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In Desperate Times by RayYanma
In Desperate Timesby Ray Yanma
The Second American Civil War has been raging on for three years now, and the United States and Canada have made no progress in ending it anytime soon. Up north, the so...
  • firstperson
  • battle
  • america
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I love you, Hardcore by EBisma
I love you, Hardcoreby Bisma Elahi
Calla Ahmad and Mehroz Khan are friends since childhood.Calla has always been disturbed by the separation between her parents and is tired of bouncing like a ball betwee...
  • waragainstterrorism
  • action
  • friendship
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Angels Of Almighty  by 007rossy
Angels Of Almighty by rossy 007
This story revolves around two beautiful creation of world profession. true soldier and true doctor. they both save life. how will be their journey if they get along?? w...
  • doctor
  • calamity
  • dedication
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OUR CANADA by gailrunschke
OUR CANADAby Gail Runschke
On this Canada Day, July 1st, 2016, let us invite our friends around the world to join us in our celebrations of peace enjoyed by all inhabitants of this precious land.
  • patriotism
  • canadian
  • maple
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Diary Of An Indian Army Man - The Real Hero! by Mithrabrinda
Diary Of An Indian Army Man - Mithrabrinda
The short story of an Indian Army officer and his cute love towards his wife and kids and pure patriotism towards nation....
  • patriotism
  • army
  • love
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In Love with Words . by __HamzaKhan
In Love with Words .by HK
An Incomplete Tale of Emotions . Just remember , its "incomplete" and feels beautiful that way only !
  • time
  • love
  • army
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Survival of the Fittest by MahnoorTee
Survival of the Fittestby Light
When the war between the two fictional countries is at rage , it gets hard for Ace Norton when she gets imprisoned along with her little sister.One day they are suddenly...
  • action
  • woods
  • adventure
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Fighting with life by Aishavaghela
Fighting with lifeby Aishavaghela
Soldiers...... These are the real heroes of every nation. They give up their own lives in order to make sure that we can sleep in peace. It's quite a difficult thing to...
  • love
  • patriotism
  • sacrifice
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How to Love by theflyingoswin
How to Loveby Allison
"How to Love" is a love story based on 'The Patriot' where the main character Almyra Martin, daughter of Benjamin Martin, is captured by Colonel William Taving...
  • givemelibertyorgivemedeath
  • war
  • 1770s
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my Inner Thought [A Poetry Book] by OnathieGoniwe
my Inner Thought [A Poetry Book]by Onathie Goniwe
it is as the name describes ... a book of poems all written by me. I write about EVERYTHING. I have no inhibitions so EVERYTHING goes when I write
  • depressed
  • pain
  • hearbreak
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The Pilot (Short Story) by Lbql123
The Pilot (Short Story)by Lbql123
In World War II Jean Marc is an english pilot of french descent. Entrusted with a deadly mission to stop a nuclear bomb, can he become the hero he dreamed of becoming?
  • bloody
  • planes
  • war
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