Live Love Heal by aidahqirat
Live Love Healby voldemort
"Let's see what the problem is please remove your shirt." I instructed the patient sitting on the couch before me. "So soon Doc? I feel like we should get...
  • friendship
  • military
  • lovetriangle
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CHeckmate by MadhumitaPaul
CHeckmateby Madhumita Paul
It was a cold & rainy night.A man was hurried through the darkness towards his car. The wind slapped forcefully against his face. His hand found the door and he traced h...
  • romance
  • watty2017
  • wattys2018
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Ghazi by GulGhutai
Ghaziby GulGhutai
This story is about a man who's a businessman & an ex soldier & the center of a girl's universe who's madly in love with him since childhood.. But will she be able to pr...
  • patriotism
  • romance
  • fiction
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Agents In Black by _jd____
Agents In Blackby Jay Dee
One of the fittest and hottest Hollywood actors Charlotte "Charlie" Harris finds herself in a dark room, surrounded by agents in black. She is given a choice...
  • daughter
  • murder
  • adventure
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My Poetry Collection by RDCASTILLO22
My Poetry Collectionby Aina Castillo
A collection of poems filled with love, faith, passion, patriotism and friendship.
  • hiddengem
  • faith
  • emotions
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The Other Side Of Smile by Ajay-Kumar
The Other Side Of Smileby Ajay Kumar
"The Other side of Smile" Is a collection of poems on various ​aspects of life, about social problems, psychological conflicts, politics, tragedies, all of whi...
  • nature
  • patriotism
  • think
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afghan de by madridisimo
afghan deby shirin kuchak
کجا میروی؟ بیا چای بخوریم kuja mere? bya chai bekhorem. os tu cherta zei, chai na chikai?
  • daafghanan
  • spreadlove
  • afghan
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CENTURY is the only place which is cultivable and resourceful and is protected by 12 warriors known as THE ZODIAC WARRIORS . The 12 warriors are with 12 different powers...
  • leo
  • love
  • libra
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Sultan by MustafaShareef
Sultanby Mustafa Shareef
(Ranked #1 under patriot on 10/08/2018) Ever heard of Tipu Sultan.He was a ruler not just a ruler but a patriot among Meera Bai and other patriots.Tells how he fights fo...
  • india
  • story
  • patriotism
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Legionnaire Of The Emperor by jzh_imperium
Legionnaire Of The Emperorby JzH
[SUMMARY] This is a Sci-Fi based story. About a soldier set in a futuristic war-torn world fighting for his empire, in ancient times their are FOUR nations; The JźH Emp...
  • patriotism
  • war
  • romance
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SHIVIKA- Warriors are not born,  They are made in the Indian army... by Believing_In_Fate
SHIVIKA- Warriors are not born, Believing_In_Fate
Warriors are not born, They are made in the Indian army...
  • sacrifice
  • nationalduty
  • ansh
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SanDhir-Warriors are not born,  They are made in the Indian army... by Believing_In_Fate
SanDhir-Warriors are not born, Believing_In_Fate
Warriors are not born, They are made in the Indian army... ❤❤❤SanDhir Story...❤❤❤
  • india
  • neverapart
  • patriotism
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How to Love by theflyingoswin
How to Loveby Allison
"How to Love" is a love story based on 'The Patriot' where the main character Almyra Martin, daughter of Benjamin Martin, is captured by Colonel William Taving...
  • independence
  • patriotism
  • england
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Angels Of Almighty  by 007rossy
Angels Of Almighty by rossy 007
This story revolves around two beautiful creation of world profession. true soldier and true doctor. they both save life. how will be their journey if they get along?? w...
  • help
  • draught
  • patriotism
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Glimpses by suvachana
Glimpsesby suvachana
poems and prose in the spirit of the land and its people
  • inspirational
  • tribute
  • indian-independence
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Rajveer Naina Some Love Stories Never End... by Mrumi_Rajveer
Rajveer Naina Some Love Stories Mrumi
This is a very simple story with no twists and turns, no missions, no vamps, no secrets, a simple love story. Love between friends, Love between teacher and his students...
  • india
  • leftrightleft
  • army
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Love reading poems? You are at the right place. Heart touching and mesmerising poems depicting my deep contemplations laced into words by my pen are waiting for you!
  • motivate
  • light
  • india
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Mission by walkingoverainbows
Missionby Kyara!
"Who's she?" Mom asked me. "Her name is Zora." "Is she a Muslim?" "She believes in all religions and she is an Indian." "So...
  • passion
  • patriotism
  • fiction
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Fighting with life by Aishavaghela
Fighting with lifeby Aishavaghela
Soldiers...... These are the real heroes of every nation. They give up their own lives in order to make sure that we can sleep in peace. It's quite a difficult thing to...
  • patriotism
  • thegalaxyawards
  • passion
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A beam of light by Again_if_only
A beam of lightby Aparajita
She was....well...people called her sick..she called it survival.She wanted to to see the end of the day..because no matter what she believed in happy endings...
  • patriotism
  • doctors
  • hope
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