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Chapter 17

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I woke up with the sunlight in my eyes (see what I did there) about 9ish and I dragged myself out of bed, I stretched my arms and legs before sleeply walking to the bathroom. I had a quick shower and I brushed my teeth before heading back into my bedroom, I went to my wardrobe and found a light pink skater skirt and a plain white t shirt. I changed into my clothes and I ran downstairs to get some breakfast, I ate my breakfast and made my way back upstairs to do my make up and hair. I checked my phone and saw I had a message off Linds and James.

Linds-'Hey I'm going to the park today with everyone, you coming?xxx'

James-'Hey beautiful everyone is going to the park today you coming? meet us there at 12 love you <3'

I replied with yeah and put my phone back on my bedside table. I put a movie to past the time, I saw the time and it was 11:47 so I decided to make a move. I turned my TV off and grabbed my phone and a jacket and made my way downstairs I stroked Lucy. I put my phone in my pocket in my jacket and put my vans on before heading out of the door.

I got to the park and I saw Linds on Tris knee, Brad and Connor playing footie and Emily and Linds talking and James on his phone. I made my way over to them and before I even sat down, all I could hear is Tris shouting my name. "LIV LOU" Liv Lou New nickname yay!!! "TRISSYY" I shouted back which made everyone stare at me and Tris which made us both laugh. "Hey Beautiful" James whispered in my ear which made me giggle.

After a while in the park we decided to go to the beach for a bit. The beach wasn't far so we just walked. Brad was with Emily and Connor who were holding hands Aww and Tris and Linds were holding hands Double Aww and me and James dragging behind again and holding hands. "Are Con and Em going out then" I asked pointing at the two of them "Yeah they went on a date the other night and he asked her out and she said yeah" he replied. "Aww" I awwed

When we got to the beach we found a perfect spot and we sent the boys to get drinks and stuff. Em was on her phone so i decided to ask how the date went last night. I nudged Linds and she looked at me "how did it go?" I asked "we looked at the stars and said how lovely I am and how he loves me adnd he asked me out and I said yeah" she replied with a massive smile on her face, "Em you Okay?" I asked her because she looked abit down "Yeah" she said quietly. The boys came back and handing us our drinks and stuff before sitting with their girlfriend's except of Brad. "You Okay? do you wanna go for a walk?" James asked me "Yeah and I'll love too" I said with a smile on my face. "Guys we are going for a walk we won't be long" James said getting up and pulling me up too "Okay don't do anything" Tris said wriggling his eye brows making everyone chuckle. "We wont" I said looking at Linds who had a smile on her face.

We started walking hand in hand across the beach. I felt James let going off my hand and running into the sea, "You coming?" James said holding his arms out wide. "No thanks" I laughed "Fine i will come and get you then" he said coming up to me. "James no" I said squealing and before I knew it I was on James shoulders and the only sight I could see was James' bottom "Nice bottom" I laughed before smacking his bum lightly."You love it" he said laughing before putting me down in the sea. "I might I might not" I laughed. "Come here" he replied before picking me up and kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist whilst my legs are around his waist.

We pulled away but I didn't get down so James put me down and he bent down a little "Come on my back I will give you a piggy back" he said  "I will warn you I'm fat so I might squish you" I said before getting on his back. "Your not fat your perfect" he said which made me smile. "I am though " I sighed. James put me down and turned around to face me, He put his finger under my chin and looked me in the eyes "Liv trust me you might hate your body but i love it and i love you" he said before kissing my forehead and hugging me, "I love you too" I replied smiling. We walked back to the others and sat down again, I checked my phone and saw it was 5:45pm "Guys shall we go back to mine and watch loads of films and you could stay around mine" I suggested smiling. "Yeah" everyone said. So we decided to walk back to mine.

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