Chapter 7

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I walked to the park and on the way i went into Costa and got myself a hot chocolate. I payed for my drink and walked out of Costa.

I got to the park and I finished my drink. When i put my cup in the bin I opened the gate. I walked through the gate and shutting it behind me. I looked around for the boys and I spotted them near the lake chatting.

James saw me and got up and walked up to me.

"Hey Liv" he said hugging me

"Hey" I say hugging him back

We let go and started walking to Brad Connor and Tris.

"Hey" they all said at the same time

"Hey" I replied laughing

"Who wants to play football then?" Brad said getting up and grabbing the ball.

"Me" Tristan and Connor shouted

"We will" James said looking at me.

"Urrm Okay" I say smiling

We all got up and went off to the field.

"So Tradley against you 3 idiots" Tristan said whilst putting his arm around Brads neck.

"Okay" Connor says.

"Liv you go out and I will be in goal and Connor go wherever you want to" James says

"We start" Brad shouted from the other end of the field.

Tristan came with the ball trying to dodge me but I got the ball off him and started to run the other end of the field.

"Hey?" Tris shouted

"What this is what football is about tackling each other you idiot" I shout back laughing.

I carried on running and I got near the goal and I kicked the ball and I got it in the goal and Brad fell to the floor. I laughed "You can never beat a women" I say as I ran to our goal.

After about half an hour of playing football we won 3-1 and just to let you know Tristan was NOT happy.

As we walked out of the park we went to Costa and got a hot chocolate each. I'm telling you Im always here.

"I didn't know you was so good at football?" James said to me as we was walking to James house

"Yeah I told you I was but you didn't believe me" I replied laughing.

"Okay I'm sorry" he said putting his arms up in surender.

We got to James house and we walked through the door to James bedroom.

I sat on the floor with the boys on the bed.

"So who wants to play a game?" Tris said

"i dunno what about twister?" James suggested

"Okay but I'm not playing" I say putting my hands up

We set it up and Brad was first and it landed on left foot red.

"Left foot red Brad" I say

It was Tris next and it landed on right foot blue

"Right foot blue Tris" I say

It was Connor next and it landed on right hand green

"Right hand green Connor" I say

"leave me last why don't you" James says crossing his arms

"i will don't worry" I say laughing

James was last and it landed on left hand yellow

"Left hand yellow James" I say

After about 3 gos each they got all tangled and they fell so I jumped on them and they all groaned.

I got off and sat back on the floor and checked my phone and I had a message off mum saying

Mum- Hey come home now your tea is going to be ready in 15 minutes xx

I didn't reply and said to the guys "Sorry guys I have to go tea is nearly ready" I got up and put my phone in my pocket and walked to the door I said bye to all of the boys and got a chorses of "byes" and "see ya" before walking out of the door and shutting it behind me.

I put my headphones in and I played my music on full blast not having a care in the world. I carried on walking home when I stopped into Costa (I love this shop) to get a hot chocolate. I payed for my drink and walked out of Costa to finish my journey home.

I got home and got greeted by Lucy barking in my ear. I took off my shoes and made my way into the kitchen to get the smell of lasagna hit me.

"Just in time I'm plating up now" mum said whilst smiling

She handed me my tea and said thankyou and headed to the table in the sitting room. A few minutes later mum came and joined me and we tucked into our tea.

"So Liv how was your day?" mum said to me smiling

"Good we went to the park to play football and we won" I say laughing

"Who was on your team then?"

"Me James and Connor and 'Tradley'" I say whilst finishing my tea and pushing my plate away from me.

"Tradley" mum said confused

"Yeah Brad and Tristan" I say laughing

"Oh" mum said laughing

After leaving the table I went up to my room and had a shower. I finished my shower and got change into my onesie. I put my hair in plaits to make it go wavy for tomorrow. I check my phone and see I had a message from Linds

Linds-Hey can't wait for tomorrow :)xxx

I smiled but didn't reply I remembered I haven't asked mum about it yet oops.

I rushed downstairs and sat next to mum on the sofa.

"Whats up sweet?"

"I know its late but can Linds come tomorrow please?"

"Yeah that's fine"

Mum likes Linds because Linds has been there for me through thick and thin like James and my mum just loves her.

I kiss my mum on the cheek and ran back upstairs. I looked at the time and realised it was late so I put my phone on charge and stuffed off to sleep thinking about tomorrow.

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