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Chapter 11

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We brought all of my duvets, pillows you name it we brought it down to the living room.

"Who wants a drink?" i said whilst walking into the kitchen. James followed me and he sat on the bar stool.

"I do tea please" Linds shouted

"Me please same as blondie" Brad shouted. I laughed when i heard Linds shouting shut up to Brad.

"Do you wanna drink?" I asked James. He nodded.

"What do you want?"

"Water will do thanks" he says whilst I got the cups out for the tea.

"Okay" I said

I made Linds and Brads cuppa teas and headed into the living room and put them on the coffee table before walking back into the kitchen.

I got a glass out of the cupboard and filled it up with water before handing it to James.

"Thanks" he said before smiling.

I walked back into the living room being greeted by Brad on one sofa with Lucy sleeping next to him and Linds and Tris snuggling on the other sofa. I let out a small giggle on how cute them two looked.

"Guys I'm going to get ready for bed and you can do what you want" I said before heading upstairs.

I went to the wardrobe and getting out my onesie before heading to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth and putting my onesie on before heading back into my room to get greeted by James shirtless.

"Oh Sorry" I said before covering my eyes with my hands.

"its Okay" he said before chuckling and putting his t-shirt on.

"Come here" he said

"Why" I said

"I want a cuddle off my best friend is that a crime" he said making me laugh.

"Fine if I have to" I said sarcastically before walking to James.

I love James hugs don't ask me why I just do.

He kissed me gently on the forehead before letting me go and looking in my eyes with his cute bluey eyes. I looked back into his eyes and he leaned in and so did I and our lips connected. His lips were soft and warm.

After a while we pulled apart from the kiss and we looked each other in the eyes again.

"Maybe we should-" I said bitting my lip an pointing to the door.

"Maybe we should" he replied laughing before taking my hand and dragging me out of my room.

"You look cute by the way" James said as we walked down the stairs.

"Thankyou" I said whilst smiling.

We walked into the loving room and saw that Despicable 2 was on.

"I love this film" I said before jumping on the duvets and pillows that were laid on the floor.

"So do I" James said jumping on the pillows and duvets. I saw that Linds and Tris were still cuddling and Brad was watching the film.

After the film it was about 11 so we decided to head to bed.

"Con and Brad can sleep down here and Tris and Linds can be in the spare room but one on the floor and one on the bed" I said before Linds started laughing at me.

"What about me?" James said

"You can sleep on the floor in my room" I smiled

"Okay" they all said

With that we headed upstairs. Linds and Tris in the spare room and I think they fell asleep because I couldnt hear any talking or anything.

"I think everyone's asleep" I said before getting into bed.

"Good" he said before heading off to sleep.

"Night Beautiful" James said

"Night James" I said and smiling at his late comment before heading to sleep.

Hey guys what do you think of James and Liv kissing? and hope your enjoying it:) xxx

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