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Chapter 31

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James POV

When Liv came back into the living room she had a sad expression on her face but I didnt know why. "Liv you Okay" I asked "Y-yeah" she said sending me a small smile. "Liv tell me don't deny it I know there is something wrong with you" I said "James it's nothing okay I'm fine" she said. I nodded and turned back to the TV.

I need to know what's up with Live, I care about her to much, she has had a sad expression in her face since she came down so I will talk to her. I pulled her up off the sofa and dragged her into the hallway "James what you doing?" She asked "Your going to tell me what's up because I hate it when your like this. Please Liv" I pleaded. "Fine" she gave in and dragged me into the garden.

We sat on the swing and she took a deep breath "you know Charlotte..." She started, I nodded. "Well that was her on the phone telling me that your 1000% more better then me and she says that she is going to have you and 'rub it in my face'" she said looking down with a tear down her cheek. I pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head "Look Liv Charlotte is never going to get me because i love you and she's a waste of space" I said smiling at her and rubbing my thumb on her cheek to get of the running tears steaming down her face.

We hugged again before going back inside and into the living room "Where have you to been?" Linds said wriggling her eyebrows. "In the garden to talk about something" I smiled. Just as i was about to sit down Julie called us for tea, we all sat at the table and started eating, We chatted for ages around the table and I felt James grab my hand under the table and I looked at him smiling and he smiled back.

Me and James decided it will be a good idea to go home so James went to talk to Julie and I went to put my shoes on. I sat on the stairs and started putting my shoes on when Linds came and sat besides me. "Why did you go into the garden to 'talk'" she said using quotation marks for the word talk. "Charlotte has been in touch again and she is basically saying that she will take James away form me and rub it in my face and all that shizz" I explained as i finished putting my shoes on and getting up "you know im here for you you know" Linds said hugging me tightly. "I know Thankyou" I said smiling"Thankyou Julie for tea and hopefully see you soon" I shouted through the house. "Its Okay sweet hopefully see you soon too haha" she shouted back laughing. I shouted bye to everyone and walked out of the door with James behind me.

Hello guys Hope your enjoying it I feel like noone is reading this story I won't upload until I have 5 votes and 5 reads at least Thankyou everyone I love ya sorry its short again

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